What You Can Learn at Beauty Schools

When it comes to further education, it is important to take a step that you are comfortable with. Many people enter beauty school with a clear idea in their minds. They want to understand the ins and outs of the industry, as well as enjoy a range of opportunities that having such a qualification can bring. Whether you plan on opening your own business or looking for a job, it is important to take a look at the skills that you can develop when you decide to undergo training. Beauty training is intensive and will take a lot of dedication, but for those who are motivated it can be well worth it.

Choosing the Right Beauty School

Training is not just about the actual industry itself, but also about learning how to conduct yourself as a business person. Those intent on setting up their own salons, or even just a single-person service, will need to have a look at the market and ensure that they know how to manipulate it in accordance with their own needs. This is why it is a good idea to look at the training that the likes of Evergreen College offer. Students can get a good bit of advice and understand how to market themselves to any potential customers.

Understand the Industry

It is important to remember that beauty is often considered a luxury service. Being a non-essential service, there will be tough times especially when people find that they have run out of money. Recessions can be particularly bad, so it is important to find a way of keeping some of your prices low. One of the best things, you will learn, is to offer deals to customers. Customers will then come in more and more and you will be able to enjoy a steady stream of work, which also translates into a steady stream of income.

Cosmetology Continuing Education

Even if you are experienced in the field, learning new skills can only help you further your cause. If you feel like expanding then it is a good idea to take cosmetology continuing education. You will be able to offer this as a quality service to your customers. This means that some of them will be willing to pay very high prices.

Business Training

Most beauty schools also offer basic business training. You do not want to enter the field as a fresh-faced newbie who knows nothing. It is important to have a little bit of cop-on when you enter such a competitive market, so always make sure to get as much advice as you can before you brave the world.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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