Why Accreditation Matters In Beauty School


Completing a certificate or associates degree program from a certified beauty school provides the skills and experience necessary for a career in the beauty industry. There are many cosmetology schools in the United States, and selecting the right one can be a tough decision. It is important, however, to make sure you find one that fits your career aspirations as well as is accredited by the accreditation bodies in your region.

In order for a school to be accredited, its curriculum must meet all the requirements set forth by the local state board. Attending a school that is not accredited means students who graduate with a degree from the school will not meet licensing requirements in a state. Additional education or experience will be required before they can test for a license in the state. By attending an accredited school, you can make sure that you will meet all requirements for board testing upon graduation.

Convenience Offered by Beauty Schools

For many students getting a cosmetology degree from an accredited school can be more convenient than attending a traditional college or university.  Most beauty schools offer both day and night time classes and some allows students to attend a combination of both.  In addition, many well regarded beauty schools now offer cosmetology degrees online.  The theory classes at these schools are completed online and the required hands-on experience can be completed at a student salon associated with the school.  These flexible options make it possible for almost any student who desires to earn a degree in cosmetology to complete the coursework.

Paying For Certified Beauty School

Only accredited schools of cosmetology can offer federal financial aid to their students. At accredited schools, students can qualify for federal grants and financial aid to help them pay for their education. This includes the Pell grants and other need-based ranks. Many schools also have access to their own private scholarship funds, and students are also eligible for private foundation scholarships. At schools which are not accredited, cosmetology students only qualify for the school’s own scholarship programs.

Licensing Requirements and Certified Beauty Schools

Each state board sets forth their own licensing and certification requirements.  These can vary widely from state to state. Most, however, require a minimum of 300 hours of formal educational experience at either a beauty school or as part of an apprenticeship program. Some states require as many as 900 hours. After the minimum number of hours are completed, students must still pass written and practical exams in most states to get their license.

Evergreen Beauty College is a certified beauty school with three campus locations in Washington State. The Evergreen curriculum meets all requirements to be certified by the Washington state board, and equips you with the necessary skills required in cosmetology. To see what we at Evergreen can offer you, contact us today.

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