15 Hot Nail Art Trends for Summer 2014

hot nail art trends RentonThe summer 2014 beauty season is in full swing. And when it comes to nail art and style, this year has really hit new highs in fun, creativity, beauty and style.

With that said, here are 15 hot nail art trends that seem to be popping up all over the place:

1) Chevron stripes
The chevron pattern is big this year, and seen in clothing and accessories everywhere. Nails are sporting it too. Whether all ten digits are sporting the look, or just one accent nail, chevron stripes make a bold and classy statement. Colors frequently seen: Black with white, nudes and pastels.

2) Nautical themes
This is another wardrobe style that has made its way to fingertips. Nautical nail art ranges from subtle and classic to fun and funky. Colors often seen with this look include red, white and blue combos, navy and white, blue and gold or silver and white.

3) Fun textures
Another look that is subtle yet dramatic is textured nails. Fun textures are showing up all over the place. Think sugar, “floam”, crocodile, tiny beads, matte and glitter.

Nail designs are showing up raised, adding texture and making the design pop more.

4) Nude is always in
You see it more some years than others. But this season nude is back and better than ever, with subtle hues and often accompanied by single accent nails or other designs.

5) Solo bling
Although there are many styles this season that feature over-the-top graphics and textures, there is also a subtler trend. One simple rhinestone on one nail. This is often seen with nude or pastel nail colors. It creates a classic and dainty look that is understated yet still attention-getting.

6) Texture blocking
Although blocking with bold colors is still being seen, another trend that is taking hold is texture blocking. The look is monochromatic but textured. An example would be matte and glittered on one nail, or a pebbled texture and a smooth, glossy texture.

7) Pop art
This is one of the more fun hot nail art trends of the season. Some looks that have been seen include super-hero themed nails, or location-themed nails. Think Paris’s Eiffel Tower, The Empire State building and tiny maps. Other fun looks are animals and vintage art.

8) Flower power
Among these hot nail art trends is the reinvention of the flower as nail art. Flowers are springing up all over the place, and many of these styles have become sophisticated works of art.

9) Metallics
Whether bold or subtle, metallics are hot this season. As an overall color or as an accent, you can’t go wrong with this look.

10) Ombre glitter
Another one of the hot nail art trends that has evolved. The ombre look is still in, but it has changed and ombre glitter is being seen everywhere.

11) Multiple colors
Can’t decide on one color? You don’t have to. Multiple nail colors are trendy, whether it is a contrasting accent nail or you are sporting five different colors.

12) Dark and edgy
Not typically a summertime look, dark and edgier nails for summer seem to be trending just as much as in the fall.

13) Racing stripes
Stripes are fun, simple and classy. There are a ton of variations in all colors, lengths and styles.

14) Metallic tips
This is seen with all types of colors, from nudes and pastels to blacks and bolds.

15) French manicure
A favorite of many, there are plenty of new variations that keep this look fresh for the summer season.

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