All You Need to Know About Opening Your Own Salon

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10 Steps on How to Open Your Own Salon in Washington

If you have recently earned your license to work as a professional hair stylist, you may be considering opening a salon of your very own. Being the owner of a hair salon is an excellent way to be your own boss while you continue to do the things you love, such as styling hair and interacting with your clients.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Salon?

Before you get started on the 10 steps to open a salon, you will need to determine your up-front costs and possibly look at financing options. There are several things to consider when it comes to determining the cost of opening a hair salon. To get started, you will need to pay for

  • Your business license and any permits required by your state
  • Your monthly lease payment or rent for your salon’s building
  • Salaries or wages for your employees
  • The monthly premium for your business insurance coverage

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How to Open a Salon in Just 10 Steps

Opening a business can be costly and confusing, but it’s not impossible. We have put together this step-by-step guide on opening a hair salon in Washington that will lead you through the process.

1.    Develop a Salon Marketing Plan

Marketing is an essential part of owning any business. To get the word out about your new salon, you can post on social media, offer referral discounts and loyalty incentives, or partner with other local small businesses.

2.    Create a Business Plan

Your business plan should feature a clear objective on what you want to achieve with your company. It should outline how you will reach that goal and provide you with a general idea of what you will need to succeed.

3.    Learn About Local Laws and Regulations

There are different laws and regulations for businesses, especially salons, in every state. Be sure to do your research and find out about the rules in your area to avoid any issues.

4.    Find a Way to Set Your Salon Apart from All The Rest

With multiple salons in every city, you will face a lot of competition. To get ahead, you will need to think about what you have to offer that makes your salon unique and special and implement that into your marketing plan.

5.    Talk with Distributors

Get to know the distributors who provide you with beauty supplies and equipment. You may be able to strike a deal or get a discount on items you will order frequently.

6.    Develop Your Client Base

To be successful, always be sure to make the needs of your clients a top priority. It will help you form a reliable bond with your customers.

7.    Choose the Best Location

With salons on every corner, finding a space where your company will stand out and get noticed can be challenging. If you can find an empty building for rent or lease far enough away from another salon or spa, you will have better luck.

8.    Start Hiring Staff

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Therefore keep in mind that your salon will only be successful if you hire the right team for the job.

9.    Create Your Atmosphere

Do you want your salon to be fresh and modern? Or would you rather have a contemporary design? The atmosphere you create in your salon can influence the amount and type of customers you get.

10.  Determine Your Costs

Think about what you want your customers’ experience to be like. Create a vision for them and what you want them to experience. It will help you create a unique look and feel that is all your own.

Get a Head Start on your Career in Cosmetology

The beauty industry is filled with many career opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of. If you are interested in becoming a hair stylist or would like to improve your current beauty skills, enroll in one of our accredited programs here at Evergreen Beauty College. Schedule a virtual tour with us today.



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