Courses in Cosmetology for High School Students

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Many high school students are interested in learning cosmetology skills, including nail art design techniques, basic knowledge of facial procedures, color theory, hair styling, and hair coloring. There are various institutions providing cosmetology training for high school students. Obtaining training from a cosmetology program will provide marketable skills and prepare you for a promising, creative career in the cosmetology industry by the time you graduate.

Some public schools might not offer elective classes or educational hours for cosmetology. If high school students don’t have access to cosmetology opportunities at their local high school, in many cases, post-secondary beauty colleges will admit students with a GED who are 16 and older. Cosmetology students will have extensive training, online learning, access to salons, and styling chairs for performing services on real clients.

High School Students & Cosmetology Education

If you intend to take up a course in cosmetology or take a prerequisite class, you need to maintain a balance so that you give enough attention to both your school work and what you learn at the cosmetology school. Remember, if you have a genuine interest in the cosmetology industry and are confident that you want to receive training in it, there is no need to wait to graduate from high school. You can organize yourself to handle both simultaneously.

Each beauty school and high school offering credit hours in cosmetology may have different education requirements and graduation requirements. Most states and salon owners require a cosmetology license to practice in a salon. If you are currently enrolled in high school with a cosmetology program, learn if you can transfer your cosmetology course credits to a beauty college, or if your high school offers a dual enrollment program.

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Areas Covered in Cosmetology Instruction:

  • Hair treatment and styling
  • Nail treatment esthetics barbering
  • Hair removal
  • Scalp treatment reconditioning
  • Hair extensions
  • Nail techniques
  • Pedicure techniques
  • Chemical straightening
  • Nail services
  • Advanced training in barbering, esthetics, and cosmetology

Once you’ve enrolled in the program and are on the path to a beauty school education, you can make the most out of the training program with hands-on practice in a cosmetology salon and training in cosmetology. Learn the tools for hair styling. Developing a solid work ethic will enable you to prepare sufficiently for cosmetology exams and succeed in your career path.

Cosmetology Courses

Our courses allow students to explore their interests in preparation for a career in the beauty industry. With the relevant training, you can readily venture into the business once you are through with your high school education. If you are passionate about cosmetology, do not hesitate to obtain the required training.

Our training prepares students for the cosmetology industry by providing a holistic approach to instruction. Students will learn about industry trends and practical applications. They will gain technical knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of salon management while working with the cosmetology faculty. Students who earn their certificate in cosmetology will also feel prepared to take their licensing exam.

Studying with Evergreen Beauty College

In Evergreen Beauty College programs, students will create effective career pathways while taking regular school classes. Students will develop fundamental skills that will help them hone more advanced technical skills, including having a solid grasp of theoretical knowledge, understanding the color wheel, the process of chemical relaxing, and other advanced techniques.

We offer extensive training in several areas, including nail cosmetics, training in manicuring, barbering, hair design, and esthetics. Our instructors are licensed professionals and will teach students to grow a command over advanced and basic procedures. As students gain hands-on experience while implementing proper safety procedures, Evergreen instructors strive to prepare students to feel confident working with clients.

Students will become socially mindful and acquire knowledge in client service skills, including:

  • Client analysis
  • Client interaction
  • Client health
  • Client consultation skills

Studying at Evergreen Beauty College

Whether your dream is to become a hair colorist in an upscale salon, a career coach or instructor, a licensed barber, or a barber manager, Evergreen Beauty College provides new experiences, opportunities, and academic preparation for aspiring beauty professionals. By the time you advance to graduation, you will prepare for the examination for a license.

Evergreen staff and instructors will monitor each student’s progress and provide  teaching support for all our students. Whether you intend to look for employment in the beauty industry or to open up your own beauty salon business, cosmetology instruction for high school students is a surefire way to help you achieve your dream. Your future in beauty will look bright once you enroll in one of our programs.

Learn more about concurrent enrollment at your school, or find out the general requirements for admissions at Evergreen Beauty College.


Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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Mattie picou
Mattie picou
3 years ago

Hello! Im Mattie Picou, Im a upcoming senior in High school and was looking for cosmetology training. I am currently 18 and have been homeschooled through my highschool experience! I have great flexibility. Looking forward:)

Nikayla Seabrooks
Nikayla Seabrooks
3 years ago

hello I am Nikayla Seabrooks and I am a freshmen in high school and I have love cosmetology since I was able to say it I got to whale branch early collage high school and want to start taking classes can u send me an email and ill get back to you