Healing Touch Therapy for Health And Wellbeing

Healing Touch Therapy Healing Touch therapy is a gentle treatment that can relieve stress, help the body and the mind to relax, and bring about a feeling of well-being. This is an energy healing method that is suitable for everyone and that works with the body’s energy field to create harmony and peace of mind. Healing touch therapy is often used to relieve stress, to support healing and to enhance other treatments, including medical treatments.

What is Healing Touch Therapy?

An American nurse, Janet Mentgen, developed the method. She devoted much of her life researching and practicing energy healing. Over the years, Healing Touch therapy has been used in health clinics, spas, hospitals, beauty salons and care facilities. Anyone can benefit from energy healing even when undergoing other treatments or taking medication.

The idea behind the treatment is that everyone has an energy field or an energy body. Illnesses or emotional stress can cause imbalances in the energy field, and blockages or imbalances in energy flow can lead to physical and mental illnesses. During a typical healing session, the therapist helps to balance the energy field by laying his or her hands on or above the client’s body. Because the energy body is also always in contact with its surroundings, the treatment aims to bring harmony to the energy flow between the client and his or her environment.

What Happens During a Treatment?

When a client first comes to a treatment session, the practitioner asks some questions about the client’s health and current circumstances. The practitioner will take a case history that includes medical conditions, possible injuries, emotional and mental well-being and the client’s current state of mind. The client will then lie down on the treatment table, which is similar to a massage table. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session.

The therapist will then place his or her hands above the client’s body or sometimes gently on the body.  The practitioner begins the session by focusing the energies and by becoming present in the moment. The treatment is completely non-invasive; the therapist simply holds his or her hands near the body or sometimes moves the hands slightly above the body.

The therapist uses a gentle touch to balance the client’s energy field and to promote healing in the body and in the mind. The basic idea is to bring balance to the energies in the body so that the body can start to heal itself. The treatment is not a medical cure, but it can make the client more receptive to any treatment he or she is receiving.

What Are Its Benefits?

Many people come to healing sessions to reduce stress and anxiety, or to get relief from long-term pain. Some of the main benefits of this gentle healing treatment are

  • Stress reduction, relief and prevention
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Relief from low moods
  • A general feeling of health and well-being

Most clients feel peaceful and calm after a session. Many report an increased sense of relaxation in the body and in the mind.

Because the treatment does not interfere with any conventional medical treatments or alternative therapies, it can be used to increase relaxation and relieve anxiety during many illnesses.

Even one session of Healing Touch therapy can bring about a noticeable sense of stress relief. A course of several treatments is, however, more effective than a single treatment. A course of weekly treatments or a regular session even once a month, can bring about an increased feeling of health, well-being and peace of mind.

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