How to Care for Curly Hair

Caring for curly hair can get quite challenging, given the fact that it definitely takes a lot of effort to keep the hair healthy, and the curls in perfect shape. Curly hair, by nature, has a tendency to get dry and eventually frizz up when not adequately conditioned. Excessive shampooing, use of blow dryers, and heat styling also tend to affect the quality of the curls and damage the hair in the process. The ideal remedy, of course, is to opt for professional hair treatment services that help style and cut curly hair so that it is easy to maintain. There are, however, several other practical tips that prove quite useful when caring for curly hair on a daily basis.

Use Wide-Toothed Combs to Detangle Curly Hair

It is definitely difficult to detangle curly hair, and brushes are not going to be of any help here. A wide-toothed comb helps sort messy tangles, or one can even use their fingers to set the dry hair in place.

Using brushes and blow dryers are both harmful to curly hair, as they tend to make the hair dry and frizzy. Diffusers help make the drying process less damaging; allowing the hair to air-dry naturally is the ideal way to keep the curls intact. Alternatively, using an absorbent towel to blot the hair dry will also prove quite helpful. Do not, however, use the towel to rub the hair dry.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Although an integral part of the hair maintenance regimen, shampoos, especially the clear variants, do not work in favor of the curls. Those wondering how to care for curly hair without using a shampoo may, of course, try out creamier shampoos, or cut down on the use of shampoos while focusing on the right type of conditioners that help moisturize the curly hair and keep the locks intact.

Again, over-conditioning may not prove beneficial as it makes the hair sticky. It is important to strike a right balance; use a suitable conditioner to tone hair every day, while opting for a deep conditioner once a week to keep the scalp well-hydrated.

Hair Styling

Right from the haircuts to the treatments and products used to style hair, all aspects of hair maintenance and care need extra attention to maintain healthy curly hair. While it is certainly possible to style curly hair at home, it is better to opt for professional hair care services. Of course, one can best attempt to trim damaged curly hair if they are confident enough.

Leave-in conditioners, gels and mousses help set curls in place; moisturizers and other hair products help keep curly hair healthy and prevent frizz. It is important to choose products best suited for the individual’s hair type and scalp conditions. Applying hair products too need additional attention. The right amount of the product will need to be first applied on the palm, warmed up and applied uniformly when the hair is damp. This helps ensure that the product is distributed evenly throughout the hair. Scrunching the hair care product into the wet hair will help keep the locks intact.

Finding the Right Hair Stylist

With so many tips to follow, it may be simply impossible to take the time and effort needed to care for curly hair in a systematic manner. Finding the right hair stylist is the best way to start with the process. Opting for the services of a stylist who is well-trained and experienced may be the best option for you. However, such stylists might be more expensive. In such a case, the next best alternative is to get your hair done in a beauty school salon. You will get the same great look at a much lower rate.

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