How To Choose the Right Curling Iron

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A curling iron seems like a really simple tool, but knowing which type and how to use it can make a big difference in the results  Below we have some quick tips on correctly using a curling iron. If you aren’t sure how to do it, feel free to come visit Evergreen Hair Salon Services.

1) Choose The Correct Size Curling Iron

Knowing what to look for in an iron is essential, if you are to enjoy healthy and clean hair, and the following tips can help:

Use your desired look to determine the barrel size that you need. An iron with a diameter of one to two inches is ideal for a look that emphasizes loose curls; whereas an iron with a thickness up to an inch is best for tighter, smaller ringlets.

2) Use The Right Heat

The heat setting should vary depending on your hair type. and variable heat settings are desirable when shopping for a curling iron. A lower heat setting, below 200 degrees, is best to avoid damaging or burning fine, color-treated or fragile hair. However, you can use a higher temperature of between 200 and 300 degrees if you are blessed with thick, curly or coarse hair.

Never put your iron up to a temperature of over 400 degrees, although you should increase the temperature depending on the way your hair responds when it curls.

3) Know The Material

Knowing the different materials that curling irons typically come in can help your hair to look better.  The following list goes from safest to least safe:

Tourmaline and ceramic curling irons. Heat is dispersed through your hair more evenly with a ceramic iron, while a tourmaline curling iron is able to lock in moisture by closing the negative ions. Both are safe and are the healthiest choices. Hot Tools curling irons are highly recommended. Take a look at these options!

Titanium and gold. Although these materials do not protect your hair from frizz, they are both good conductors of heat. Check out the selection that Hot Tools has.

Chrome curling irons. These have several disadvantages: they do not always prevent frizz, they can snag fragile hair, and do not always heat up evenly. However, they are cheap and you can buy a chrome iron at any drug store. One to look for is the Instant Heat 3/4″ Curling Iron, from Conair, which retails for $20.99.


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10 years ago

Do you know of any curling irons with a heat setting as low as 200 degrees? The lowest I have found is 245.

10 years ago
Reply to  Anne

That is a very interesting question. Why do you ask that Anne?