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Indian Herbs for Hair Care

Known for their beautiful long, thick, and shiny hair, Indian women know many secrets and tips when it comes to hair care. The hair of Indian women is so beautiful and popular that it is worth a lot of money and used in various weaves and is donated at ashrams. It is believed that one reason their hair is so stunning is the regular use of Indian herbs in their hair. Here are a few of the Indian herbs they use to beautify and keep their hair thick.

Indian Hair Care Herbs: Amla

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry has lots of vitamin C. Indian women use Amla in the form of an oil or a powder to cleanse their hair. It has many cleansing qualities and can be combined with other herbs and oils for added benefits to the hair. It is commonly mixed with coconut or jojoba oils. Amla products are applied to the hair and scalp, left to soak for a few minutes and then rinsed away.

Shikakai and Soapnuts

Shikakai is derived from the bark and leaves of an Indian shrub. It is made into a powder which is believed to do away with dandruff and provide strength to the hair follicle. Shikakai can also be used to clean the hair. Soapnuts are fruits that have been dried and ground into a powder. They are known as versatile cleansers. They can be used to clean hair and even do laundry. They can also help prevent hair loss and decrease the chance of head lice.

Fenugreek and Cassia as a Hair Conditioners

Fenugreek seeds can be bought in Asian supermarkets. When they are soaked in water, they release a slimy film that can be added to other cleansers or conditioners and aids in the softening and detangling of hair. Cassia, another herb, can also be used to condition hair.


Henna is quite popular, even in the United States. It can be used as a natural and subtle hair dye. It also strengthens the hair, makes it thicker and can repeal head lice. Henna needs to be left in for several hours in order to naturally dye the hair and it can also be mixed with other Indian herbs for best results.

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