Romantic Hairstyle Tips

romantic hairstylesHaving a quixotic hairstyle is a great way to add a feminine and erotic look to your personal appearance. Attaining a romantic look is surprisingly easy and you can find a range of options for every hair type. Given below are handy tips to attain the perfect look for your first anniversary or a first date or a simple night out look.

Romantic Hairstyle Tips

It is preferable to have a soft, voluminous, shiny and slightly tangled romantic hair style like Sophia Loren or Bridget Bardot. Irrespective of the shape of your face or your hair texture, such a hair style is appealing and succeeds in flattering every woman.

Many individuals wish to attain a stunning hairstyle, but are unable to get the desired look due to their busy schedule. However, you can attain such a look on your own by following these how – to tips. Below you will find how you can attain an easy, quick and manageable style on model Shannon in less than fifteen minutes without curling iron. The look is a perfect match for an interview, a night out in the town, or a hot date; any person can do it without visiting any beauty school. You will need the following things.

  • Your conditioner and shampoo
  • 10-12 bobby pins
  • A blow dryer
  • Hairspray

How to Style Your Hair

Clean your hair as per your likings; apply a suitable product and then dry out your hair using a blow dryer. Take a look at the picture and make your hair-back pin curled after your hair is 90 — 95 percent dry. Do not bother about keeping in clean, but make sure that your hair is pinned on “hair base” for greatest volume. Use bobby pins to secure your hair.

Use a light hold hair spray for spraying. After pinning your head, apply make-up and your outfit for the day, and you are done. Maintaining your hair in pin-curls is all that is required for day long loose waves.

You can use similar steps and attain various romantic styles. Adding numerous smaller curls around your face is a great way to achieve a girly look. Similarly, pulling your hair back and pinning them with a jeweled or floral clip compliments your hair’s sexy texture and volume, and draws attention to your looks. No matter what type of hair you have, focusing on shine, softness and volume of your hair leaves a high impact and creates a dramatic look while remaining feminine and touchable. Thus, a funny and romantic hair style can be attained on your own within fifteen minutes without going to any beauty school. If you want to learn more about different hair styles, enroll in one of our beauty courses at Evergreen Beauty College.


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Zayn Anderson
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Fantastic tips! Achieving a romantic hairstyle just got easier. For more style inspiration, check out

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