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Circulating information on social media involves everything from sharing cherubic babies online, squirrels eating out of bird feeders, cat and dog candid videos, our children’s milestones, our best friend’s weddings, self-appreciating selfies, promoting beauty services online, and resharing old images that are timely. We’re steeped in an era of digital content curation and marketing.

Most of us have left some digital footprint, and the best way to create a path for more business, creative collaborations, and a way to express ourselves is to share our work and reshare content on our social media platforms. In this article, we’ll define online lingo and review how to engage followers online by curating older cosmetology images.

Sharing timely old photos on social platforms

Reposting old beauty-related social media posts has become a way to juxtapose past trends with styles making a comeback. In addition to giving context to timely fashion trends, hairstyles, and makeup photos, they are historical references that we can share on Instagram stories or the grid. Google Arts & Culture is a great source if you’re searching for old cosmetology, art, and fashion photos. You can find many relevant images and even curate your gallery. That way, you have pictures lined up to add to your personal profile.

There are various ways to repurpose old photos, whether they belong to you or are from the archives, celebrating fashion and celebrity icons. For example, here are different approaches to how these makeup artists, designers, content creators, and actresses repurpose older, timely images.

Actress Liv Tyler shared the photo below. It is a birthday post to Liv Tyler’s mother, former model Bebe Buell. This image is iconic because it represents timeless, signature red, glossy stained lips with matching nails that were popular when photographed for British Vogue Magazine.


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Una publicación compartida de Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle)

Attribution: @misslivalittle

Fashion designer Zac Posen recently posted a photo of director Greta Gerwig on his Instagram feed. If you haven’t witnessed a burst of pink hues on your algorithm or heard about the significant success of the Barbie movie, then it’s important to note that Greta Gerwig is the person behind it all. She wrote and directed the film that inspired makeup and fashion looks.

This was a timely opportunity for Zac Posen to repost his older designs and congratulate Gerwig on her success.


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Una publicación compartida de Zac Posen (@zacposen)

Attribution: @zacposen

Marylin Monroe is a figure that has stood the test of time. She is an endless source of inspiration with her platinum blonde tresses and bold, red pout. Whether it’s her birthday, a biopic is released, or a celebrity opts to honor her by donning her hairstyle for wearing a Marilyn-inspired wig, many people continue to honor her on social media.

Attribution: @candidlymarilynmonroe

What is user-generated content?

UGC is the original content of any product or service created by a person that is not associated with the brand or is not the brand itself.

This video tutorial by makeup artist and cosmetic brand founder Lora Arellano gives us a tutorial on how to do Sharon Tate-inspired makeup.

Lora uses different makeup cosmetics that are not from her brand and usually plugs other products, which is considered UGC. However, in this video, she uses her product at the end of the video and highlights the name of her product twice.

Lora’s video is a great example of resharing a relatively timely photo of an actress from a bygone era. Two movies inspired by her were released in the last five years, and Lora made a video on creating her look.

Sharon Tate inspirated makeup TikTok

Attribution: @lora.arellano

Many different expressions of UGC include:

  • Blog posts
  • Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube videos
  • YouTube unpacking and beauty shares
  • Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Social media updates
  • Online reviews
  • Podcasts
  • Tweets from X, formerly known as Twitter
  • Threads from the newly launched social media platform, Threads

What is the purpose of UGC?

People who are loyal to brands, whether they believe in them or are getting paid to promote products, create UGC.

When your content cuts through the noise and stands out enough that the brand recognizes your work through likes or reshares, that can expand your reach to a broader group of your target audience.

Social media channels to share and reshare content

Most beauty professionals promote their work through social media marketing on Instagram and Tik Tok. You can attract the attention of potential clients by sharing posts of your work and tagging a client. The client can reshare your post on their social media profile. Resharing between two content creators with relevant content will also help you reach a wider audience. When posting on social media, you can follow these tips for taking professional photos to increase engagement.

What is the Buyer’s Journey, and how do you attract potential customers?

A buyer’s journey is all of the online exposure and interactions a person gets with a particular brand, product, or service. It’s the journey they experience when introduced to a product or service and pointing out a need for the product or service.

The first time you promote your work with your social media, you make your followers aware of your offerings. Over time, this can help you build and retain clients.

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FAQ: Resharing Timely Posts on Social Media

Does timing matter when posting on social media?

In terms of posting timely content, yes, it matters! It’s a great way to engage with your potential clients and connect on the relevant pop culture event, especially if you can correlate what you’re referencing and how it inspires or relates to your service.

How long should you wait between social media posts?

Content creators should try to post at least once per week, even if it’s sharing their stories. Creating content can be as easy as sharing a fresh haircut or makeup application you’re proud of.

How long should you wait between posts?

As long as you’re posting fresh content, post away! Ideally, you will want to post every day to keep your audience engaged.

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