The Best Conditioner for Men With Curly Hair

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If you are a guy with curly hair chances are it tends to be dry and coarse. It probably frizzes up sometimes, which at times can make you want to chop it all off. Back away from the clippers, we have a solution for you. In order for you curly-haired guys to keep your hair looking clean and fresh, you need to incorporate a conditioner that will make your hair more versatile.

Care For Those Curls

men with curly hair may have a rough time keeping their curls from looking too puffy, but with the right conditioner curly hair can, in fact, be tamed. Hair conditioner helps add weight to the hair so it can hang loosely without the stiff effect that waxes and gels sometimes have. Using the right conditioner is key to having healthy and loose hair.

It is practically impossible to over-condition curls. You are going to need a heavy conditioner each time you wash your hair. Add to your arsenal a deep conditioner at least once a week. It helps if you use a cream on your curly hair because it will enhance your curls and add a touch of richness to your hair.

Choose the Best Conditioner

Finding a conditioner that works best for your hair can be challenging. Depending on your hair type, budget, and length of hair, it can be a bit confusing. Here are some tips when purchasing conditioner:

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  • Mix it up. Don’t rely on one brand of shampoo and conditioner. Switch up your types of condition depending on the season! Curly hair tends to become accustomed to products after time, making progress less noticeable. Switch out your conditioner for a different brand.
  • Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. Curly hair tends to dry out faster than wavy or straight hair. That’s because the natural oils that our head produces to keep our hair healthy have a hard time working down to the curls. Find a conditioner that really focuses on moisture.
  • Stay away from conditioners that has sodium lauryl sulfate in it. Here is a fun fact. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the same thing that is used to clean a car engine. Find a conditioner that will nourish your hair, not destroy it. Be mindful of what you put in your hair.

If You Can’t Take The Heat, Then Don’t Use It

Avoid using a blow-dryer and fine-tooth combs on your curly hair. In general, when you do use a comb, it should be a wide-toothed one.
In order to keep the frizz away, you will need to keep away from the blow-dryer and let your hair air-dry instead. Heat doesn’t work to your advantage, so whatever you do, keep the heat at a minimum. In cases where you must use a blow-dryer, try to use a diffuser and avoid a lot of combing at this time, it will only invite frizz.

A Good Stylist Never Hurts

In order to keep curly hair looking good, you need more than styling products and shampoo, you need a specially designed conditioner to aide in the process. At Evergreen Beauty College we provide our students with the knowledge and skills to deal with any and all hair types. So you can rest assured that if you were to book an appointment for one of our many student salon services*, you’ll receive expert treatment at a fraction of the price of other salons.

If you have been trying to keep the challenge associated with being a man with curly hair managed, we can help. If you take time to care for your curls, you will enjoy having them.

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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