What Career Options are Available for Licensed Estheticians?

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Becoming a licensed esthetician requires the right amount of training, patience and dedication. If you are passionate about beauty and skin care and would like to help others improve how their skin looks and feels, working as a professional esthetician could be the ideal career option for you.

What Career Options Are Available to Licensed Estheticians?

Skin care specialists have several options to consider when choosing their career path after they complete their program at an esthetician trade school. Here are a few of the unconventional options you may want to apply for.


If you already have experience in sales and have excellent social skills, this would be an ideal career option for you. As a salesperson for a skin care line, you would need to know all the essential details about the brand or product you are selling. Researching the product’s effectiveness will give you the information you need to address any questions or concerns your customers may have.

Medical Esthetician

The role of a medical esthetician is a desirable career option for many licensed estheticians. It allows you to be involved in two major industries, increasing your job security and possibly providing you with a better, more stable income. As a medical esthetician, you will work with doctors and other medical staff, typically in a dermatologist’s office. The majority of your work will be centered on skin care. You would provide various services, such as consultations with patients considering skin care treatments, recommend products for them to try, or educate patients on healthy skin care routines.

Cosmetics Buyer

If you are interested in traveling after you complete your program at esthetician school, the role of a cosmetics buyer would be an excellent option for you. This job would require you to travel to different locations and attend conventions and other events where new cosmetic products are featured.

You could work in various settings such as a salon, a specialty store, or inside a department store. You will need to have plenty of knowledge of your company’s products and can answer any questions customers may have about the products. That can be a fun and exciting career because you have the opportunity to try out new products that haven’t hit the market yet.

State Board Licensing Examiner

Licensed estheticians can take on the role of a state board licensing examiner or an inspector. The job duties for these estheticians can include everything from preparing and conducting the state exam to traveling to various spas and salons to ensure they meet all health and safety regulations. These inspectors play a vital role in the cosmetology industry because they ensure that all salons and similar facilities maintain the optimal health and hygiene standards set by each state.

Beauty Blogger

Beauty writers and bloggers get to take all their knowledge of skin care and cosmetics and share it with the world. Beauty bloggers have become extremely popular over the last few years as they provide advice, reviews and insight on the latest makeup and skin care products. Having the chance to earn a living while writing about something you love is a great career opportunity for licensed estheticians. You also get to enjoy the added benefit of working from home.

There are many other career options for licensed estheticians for you to consider. If you enjoy learning more about skin care and would like to help others protect and maintain healthy skin, you should consider one of these exciting cosmetology career paths.

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Find a Beauty Esthetician School in Your Area

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