What Are Eyelash Extensions, and Why Are They So Popular?

the value of eyelash extensions

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If you’ve been looking around at the world of beauty anytime recently, chances are that you’ve seen people discuss eyelash extensions. Many people don’t know much about eyelash extensions, however, which can lead to being uncertain about the process. Here’s what you need to know about the ins and outs of eyelash extensions and why they’ve become so popular recently.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a process where a lash artist takes false lashes and, using lash glue, applies them directly to each individual lash that you already have. There are many elements that go into an eyelash extension, and knowing these elements can help you when you get lashes applied.

  • Type of Extension

There are three different types of eyelash extensions out there: mink, silk and synthetic. There are many reasons someone might choose one over another; mink extensions often look more natural but may not be a good option for people who are allergic to cats, for example. If you have a specific preference, tell your lash artist, as many studios and artists have their own preferences and will default to that preference.

  • Application Process

Typically, an eyelash extension will add a single lash to each natural lash. However, if you’re looking for a much fuller look, it’s possible for the lash artist to add two or even three lashes. It depends on the strength of your natural lashes and the look you’re trying to achieve. During the process, you’ll be lying down with your eyes closed as the artist places the lashes.

  • Lifetime Length

Eyelash extensions typically start falling out within two to four weeks after the initial application, with a full lash growth cycle usually taking one to three months. If you want them to stay as full and beautiful as the day they were applied, you’ll want to book refill appointments every two to four weeks.

Why Do People Like Eyelash Extensions?

What are the main benefits of eyelash extensions? Why are they so hot right now? Here are three of the main reasons.

  • Saves Time on Makeup Application

One of the biggest reasons people use eyelash extensions is because they can save significant time on makeup application. While it is possible to use some types of mascara on eyelash extensions, these extensions mimic the look of mascara with no makeup products needed, so you don’t have to spend time on mascara every morning.

  • Constant Dramatic Effect

The effect of eyelash extensions makes it look like your eyes are larger, while still maintaining the natural look of lashes. This dramatic effect can give you more confidence, whether or not you’re wearing other types of makeup.

  • Help With Naturally Thinner Eyelashes

Some people have thinner eyelashes naturally. If this is the case for you, it’s possible to bolster the look of your eyelashes with eyelash extensions. For some people, this can give a great boost to self-esteem, especially if their thin eyelashes make them self-conscious about their eyes.

  • Better for Vacation and Summertime

In the summertime or during vacations, you probably don’t want to be worrying about putting on mascara regularly. Plus, even waterproof mascara typically doesn’t stay as well as you want it to. Eyelash extensions are waterproof after the first 48 hours, which means you can swim, bathe and enjoy yourself without worry.


Eyelash extensions are getting more and more popular, and you might even decide you want to get them yourself at some point. If you’re interested in offering this as a service for your clients, Evergreen Beauty College’s Esthetics program will help you develop the skills necessary for eyelash extensions and more.


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2 years ago

Great content! Love how you give light to eyelash extension on this blog. I agree that it’s becoming more popular nowadays, just like lip fillers, skin-tightening, and other aesthetic ways to enhance your natural beauty.