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What Your Sign Says About Your Makeup

Hey, Aquarius, what does your sign say about your makeup? Is it soft and sweet or modern and slick? Take our quiz and you can find out!

Did you know? Evergreen Beauty College offers Makeup Courses featuring Make-Up Designory.

Summer Makeup Looks You Can DIY

Almost every makeup lover these days spends a chunk of their social media time on Pinterest. This platform offers a way to cultivate and share your favorite looks and even an opportunity to promote looks that you’ve created.

Slay The Runway

Check out this energetic display of Evergreen Beauty College’s Future Professionals and their creativity at the Slay the Runway fashion show!

For the past 3 years, Evergreen has put on a Halloween themed fashion show. The first one was held at the Everett campus and has quickly evolved over the past few years.

Hot Beauty Tips to Kick-Off Summer Right!

Summer is only a few weeks away and as a follow up to my last blog about Spring make-up trends, I figured why not dive into the next season with the hottest trends and looks for Summer 2016!?

Summertime always brings about a more natural, easy look and that will definitely still stay true for