6 Lessons You Only Learn at Makeup School

6 Lessons-You-Only Learn at Makeup School

Some beauty-related lessons are so incredible, you’ll probably only find out about them from the professionals at makeup school. Here are six examples to get you started. Tell the truth, how many are new to you?

Choose Brushes Carefully

Replace rarely-used brushes with the five listed below. Honestly, they’re all you’ll ever need.

  • Sponge brush –  Great for applying foundation. Use it wet or dry.
  • Large (fluffy) brush – For dusting powders onto larger areas like your cheeks.
  • Small lip brush – For applying lipstick. Provides more control than applying it directly.
  • Angled brush – For applying bronzer and color to smaller areas of the face.
  • Tapered brush – For applying eye shadow and eyeliner.  According to Make Up For Ever instructor,  Lijha Stewart and BeautyRiot.com “If your eye shadow brush is too fluffy, the shadow will end up flying everywhere.”

Powder Never Looks Like Real Skin

Your skin shines from oil that it naturally produces. So, unless you want a dull makeup, avoid using powder as a base. Use a cream or liquid foundation instead, which gives you a dewy, supple complexion. Incorporate a powder to get rid of some of the shine in problematic areas.

Think Opposites When it Comes to Eye Shadow

Choose an eyeshadow that’s opposite your eye color. For those of you with blue eyes, this means using colors with orange undertones. If your eyes are green, you should use something with red undertones.

How to Hide Unwanted Color

In order to get rid of unwanted skin coloration such as redness, use a color that is an opposite to the color you want to cover up. For example, use a green-pigmented primer to cover redness, or orange to cover a blue vein.

Apply Eyeliner the Right Way

Instead of dragging the liner across your entire bottom eyelid, use two motions when you apply. First, draw from the inside corner to the center of the eyelid. Then, start from the outside corner and draw a second line to meet the first one. This stops your liner from looking uneven.

Mixing Primer with Foundation

Another handy little tip from TotalBeauty.com, is to mix primer with your cream foundation for a more translucent finish. By doing this, you’re able to retain the coverage power of a cream foundation without it looking caked on.

These are just a few of probably hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques you’ll learn at makeup school. Yes, some of this information is online. But, isn’t it much more exciting to learn from a professional in a hands-on setting?

Want to Learn More About Makeup? Enroll in a Make-Up School

If you enjoy doing your own makeup, or doing other people’s, then a career in make-up artistry might be just what you need. Models, photographers, ad campaigns, designers, all require make-up artists. Therefore, the opportunities in this field are endless. As such, we at Evergreen Beauty College offer a make-up artistry course perfect for those looking to break into this exciting world.

Learn more about our make-up artistry course, and either schedule a tour or apply online to upgrade your skills and reach your full potential!



Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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