Hair Styling Tips for Gorgeous Hair

Hair stylists are sharing their hair styling tips to show you how to keep that dazzling color, and how to get super healthy locks or bombshell blowouts.

9 Hair Styling Tips

Here are 9 tips to achieving gorgeous hair:

Choose the Right Shampoo

First on the list of hair styling tips is to look at the type of shampoo you are using. Sometimes shampoos that lather too much contain an overload of moisturizing products. This leaves a build-up and makes the hair look dirty.

A Quick Burst of Cold Water

To add a sleek look to hair, give locks a quick burst of cold water. This seals the cuticle. Before hopping out of the shower, turn on cold water just for a second and rinse it through your hair, quickly.

Use Both Hot and Cold Setting While Drying

Take turns using hot-and-cold while drying hair. Use a round brush and dry hair in sections, from the roots to the ends. Allow brush to linger at the tips. Let hair cool off for five seconds, and then repeat on a different section. Changing from warm and cool helps set the style, and gives blowouts more body.

Try Home Glazes

Between appointments for color, try home glazes. Rough spots and holes in hair cuticles are filled in with glaze. This helps keep the color bright and hair shiny. Color lasts longer. Glaze kits are available at drugstores.

Achieving High Volume

For high volume, use rollers. Blow out locks until dry and then, section off hair on top of the head in between temples and back to the crown.

Divide this section into three smaller ones. Do this as if you are creating a Mohawk. Wrap each in a two inch velcro roller. Let hair set for 30 minutes, then unwrap strands, lightly comb out, and spray them to hold.

Beware of Wet Strands

Don’t keep wet strands wrapped in a towel while putting on make-up, this causes frizz. The rough cotton forces hair cuticles open, and they go in all directions. Squeeze out excess water when first getting out of the shower. Allow hair to air-dry for up to ten minutes previous to blow drying.

Applying Product

Ten minutes before styling, apply products, whether curling or straightening. This helps the product to absorb fully and benefits the hair.

For quick curls, wrap – do not clamp. Strands do not need to be fastened around a curling iron, just wrap them and hold for 10 seconds.

Wrap, Do Not Clamp

Try using spray bottles; this is a lazy way to wake up flat or grungy locks. Spray top layer of hair until damp. After this, use a two inch barrel brush and blow locks dry. High volume is created on the top layer. Since it is freshly blown, an illusion of all over smooth is created.

Apply a Dab of Shampoo Onto Roots

A different way of using dry shampoo is to apply a dab onto roots immediately after washing and drying hair. The barrier keeps debris and oil away that can be collected throughout the day. Bonus: It also creates killer volume.

These important hair styling tips are ten of the most revealing must try tips from professional hair stylists. They help achieve those gorgeous locks that everyone has always wanted.

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