A Dark Ceaser In 4 Steps

The process of giving a hair cut to a male is pretty simple but requires some devices. These devices include a pair of trimmers, hair clippers and a zero guard. A double is preferred to a single.

Achieving the Dark Ceaser

A Dark Ceaser is the reference given to the most basic and easiest haircut to undertake. This particular haircut is said to have equal length of hair throughout the head and is very easy to make. It is among the easiest modes of barbering and the following are just some tips regarding male grooming.

Step 1

The first step is usually to ensure that the devices and tools needed for male grooming such as barbering tools are all present and are as clean as possible. There are lots of good quality cleaning products in the market. One such product is H-42. This is a cleaning product that also sanitizes the barbering tools and products, especially the clippers. The clippers are placed on the double zero guard and the adjustment to zero made.

Step 2

Once the devices and shavers are cleaned and sterilized, it is important to ensure that proper settings for a required haircut are set. This way, the clippers will need to be placed in the middle of the customer’s head and the cut made towards the forehead. The hair will then be smooth after a couple of strokes. The shaving will then move to the sides of the head. This is a very simple technique that is easy to learn.

Step 3

The next step is cutting the sides. Here, the clippers are placed on the top of the client’s head and cutting or shaving done towards the ears. This should be repeated until the hair is smooth and even on both sides of the head.

Step 4

The next stop will be the back of the head. Again the clippers are placed on the top of the head and shaving done towards the back . All these are important tips regarding male grooming and barbering ideas.

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