Barbershops That Got Their Branding Right

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The Barbershops Who Know How to Brand

Tommy Guns is the original barbershop. It says so in his company name. He has a clean and compelling website that breaks down his services into categories, accompanied by a slogan for each section.

Under haircuts, Tommy’s tagline is, “All Tommy Gun’s haircuts include a Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Rinse, Style and Hot Towel Experience.”

That description is short and tells you what to expect while encompassing all of the traditional steps of a classic haircut and treatment you would get from a barbershop.

Under shaves and detailing, the tagline is, “All shave experiences include a luxurious four-step, straight razor shave with hot towels and cold compress throughout.”

A timeless service that makes customers feel like they’re in good hands. In addition to getting a carefully tailored and clean shave, customers can expect a little pampering built into the service.

While The Barberhood might not have a following on Instagram of the same magnitude as Tommy’s Guns Original Barbershop, they are channeling the same essence of a vintage-style barbershop sensibility.

Some of their services include:

  • Hot towel shave
  • Beard trim
  • Buzz cut
  • Hair cuts

This barber shop boasts timeless black and white checkered flooring reminiscent of an old-time barbershop, complete with black leather chairs and chrome accents. Located in Laguna Hills, this nostalgic barbershop is a California dream.

The New York-based Haar & Co. Barbershop is located in the West Village. It’s a quintessentially posh, New York barbershop that’s been featured on Netflix, with a celebrity visit from David Letterman, and even provides a playlist of tunes on Spotify.

When it comes to a well-rounded haircut, just check out Haar & Co. Barbershop’s Instagram. In this post, ” A hot towel feels good (even in summer!) This momentary rush promotes circulation, boosting blood flow, nourishing your skin & delivering oxygen. A natural stress reliever, the result is an organic, healthy glow. Ahhhhhh”

In the caption, they’re letting you know you’ll receive an indulging treatment and the benefits that come with it! Haar & Co. Barbershop embodies a cheerful vibe with an art deco ambiance.

 barber brush in forefront

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How to Brand Your Barbering Business

However you brand your business as a barber or hair stylist, the big takeaway is that you want to create a strong identity and be very clear with your services. Adding details, like using a hot towel compress, shows that the barber is taking time to make you feel at ease and good while making you a dapper version of yourself.

Here are some essential services barbers should provide:

  • Haircut
  • Buzz cut
  • Straight razor shave
  • Beard design
  • Naturally textured hair services

Show your clients that you take your craft and your clients seriously from the moment they visit your website to book an appointment to the moment they leave your barbershop.

Become a Barber

Are you interested in one day working or starting your own barbershop? Do you think you have the potential to develop the skills to provide stellar customer care and have an impeccable eye for detail? At Evergreen, we believe that anyone who is passionate has the potential to learn and become. Our mission is to make your dreams come true. Learn more about our barber program today.

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