Be Evergreen: 5 Things That Are ALWAYS True For Cosmetologists

What does it take to be a cosmetologist

Have you ever worried that your education after high school might one day become obsolete? You’re not alone, many people do! Evergreen Beauty College strives to live up to its name by providing an education and experience that can weather storms and develop for many years. Here are some of the things that cosmetologists can learn at Evergreen Beauty College that will always be true:

Keep Yourself Involved

Beauty professionals, like many other professionals, have the opportunity to stay involved and continue to develop their career opportunities after school. This can include being involved in community service, networking with other beauty school graduates, or even attending expos or conventions specifically designed for beauty professionals. All of these outlets give you the option to be as involved as you want, opening opportunities with other businesses, jobs, and more as you expand your network. Building bridges with events like these is an outstanding way to make sure your beauty career never stagnates.

Always Be Learning

Cosmetology is not a field where students learn how to perform a task and then go into the field to repeat that task for 50 years before retiring. Cosmetology school is where students have the opportunity to be curious, explore, experiment, and create whatever their imagination desires! This exploratory attitude is what inspires many people to enroll in beauty school in the first place. Continual curiosity and exploration are essential for staying sharp as hair stylist or cosmetologist, so developing a habit of continual learning can help you stay ahead throughout your career.

Provide Excellent Service

Outstanding service will never go out of style! Regardless of how styles, trends, and colors shift over the years, people will never grow tired of being pampered. Taking a little extra time with your scalp massages, or going the extra mile with a hair color treatment can show your clients that you are dedicated to getting their services just right. Salon owners could even choose to offer things like complimentary beverages or free product samples to help enhance the experience visitors have.

Communicate With Clients

When you think of communicating with clients, you probably think of the idle chit chat you have with them while they’re in your chair. This conversation is an important part of every service because it helps visitors to feel beautiful in addition to being beautiful. In addition to that, talented cosmetologists use their communication skills to make sure that the needs of their clients are being met. This communication is especially important with newer clients because you need to be able to understand what they are looking for. Being able to connect with your clients and hear their needs is a skill that can benefit you throughout your career as a beauty professional.

Many salons have started to take notes about their clients visits, so they remember the little things clients mention & can bring it up on their next visit. We think this is a great way to go the extra mile in providing service for your clients!

Do What is Right For Your Clients

One principle that can be hard for some hair stylists or cosmetologists is to do what is right for the client. Sometimes this means you need to take extra time to make the hair cut right, or to schedule an unexpected follow-up appointment to make sure the client is satisfied. Other times it can mean telling a client that you’re not comfortable performing a particular service for them, and referring a friend or colleague to do it for them. This principle is connected with communication skills, so the better you can communicate with your clients the better you can meet their needs to the highest degree of quality.

Be Evergreen

If you are considering a future in cosmetology, then you should find a school that teaches principles and skills that will Be Evergreen in your career. Cotton candy or mermaid hair might come and go, but many principles that make students into great cosmetologists will never change. Contact us to learn more about the beauty programs available at Evergreen Beauty College to get started on your future!

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Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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