Best Hair Design Ideas of 2014

Best Hair DesignYou don’t need to be sophisticated to wear fashionable hairstyles. There are easy and simple hairstyles, which don’t require a lot of time. Check out the following best hairstyle design ideas of the year:

Natural Curls

This hairstyle works best with wavy long hair. If you want to achieve this look, flip your head over and add your favorite brand of volumizing product. Once it has grown as big as you want, use a barrel curling iron to wrap random sections of the hair. You can finish off with a holding spray.

Remember that women with fine hair need different products than women with thick hair.

Loose Waves

Spray your hair with a volumizing root lifter, flip your hair upside down and blow dry your hair. Use large Velcro rollers to set your hair and then heat it with a blow dryer. Use a soft brittle brush to back-comb your hair then grab the two sections nearest the outside corners of your eyes. Use a beautiful clip to hold the hair into place.

Deep Side Part

Blow-dry your hair and use a flat iron to make it pin straight. Use a rat tail comb to section hair at the center of your head. Start from the front to the middle section of your head. Work some lightweight hairspray into the sectioned hair and secure it with a barrette.

Wavy Lob

If you want short cascading waves, spray two inch hair sections with a light hold spray while wrapping each section around ¼ inch curling iron. Hold each section into place using pins and once the hair has cooled, use a soft brush to brush it the desired waves.

Bouncy Blowout

Prepping your hair is crucial to achieving this look. If you have naturally curly hair, start by applying a straightening balm to your hair. To get the finished look, blow-dry your hair with a soft brush.

Messy, Chic Side Braid

Build up moisture by using a salt spray and then diffuse your hair to maintain its body. Use your fingers to flip your hair to one side then create a ponytail and fasten it using an elastic band. Pull out the top section of the hair and braid it. The finished look should be messy and not too done.

High Ponytail

Comb your hair starting from the back to the front to create height at the crown. Flip the hair over and make a high, tight ponytail. Apply some styling oil into the ponytail then create a fishtail braid. The oil holds the hair in place and helps to make the ponytail shiny.

Side Plait

To achieve this hairstyle, create a three strand chunky braid and push the bottom elastic towards the top of the braid. This helps to diffuse the ends opening up the rest of the braid.

With every New Year comes a new hairstyle design so if you want to know more about the new hairstyle trends of 2015

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