Best Hairstyles For Different Faces

hairstyle for oval facesNot all hairstyles will look right on any woman.  Since there is a variety of shapes and sizes of faces, a hairstyle that compliments a person’s features will go a long way.

Best Hairstyle for a Long Face

A woman who has a long and narrow face will only accentuate the length by wearing her hair long and straight. The best type of hairstyle for this type of face is a medium length style that is slightly layered. The hair should always be worn slightly curled so that there is a lot of volume created at the sides of the face. This will create a more attractive frame for a long face.

A woman with a long, narrow face who wishes to appear more stylish should have bangs that cover her forehead. This will create the illusion that the face is much shorter. A slightly lighter hair color will look better than a very dark color with this face shape.

Best Hairstyle for a Wide Face

If a woman has a very wide face, she may choose to wear her hair either very long or very short. A medium length hairstyle will not flatter this face shape because it adds too much volume at each side. If she wishes to wear her hair short, a woman should choose a style that creates a lot of volume on top. This can be accomplished by curling the hair on the crown, or by sweeping up the hair in a more modernistic style with the use of hair gels.

If the hair is long, it should be at least chin length or longer. A hairstyle where the bottom of the hair is all the same length will not be as flattering as one with shorter strands near the front and longer strands near the back.

Hairstyle for a Heart Shaped Face

Some women have a heart shaped face that is wide in the center but comes to a point at the chin. It can be hard to choose a good hairstyle for this shape of face.

If a woman with a heart-shaped face wears bangs, it will make her face appear too small. It is best to have a hairstyle where the hair on the forehead is swept back. Very short hair will make the heart shape of the face look even more unbalanced. The top of the head should be styled very simply, but the hair can be curled or styled to create a lot of volume at the level of the chin.

Hairstyle Choices for an Oval Face

An oval face has a classic appearance and many hairstyles will work equally well with this type of shape. The hair can be worn long or short, curly or straight. In spite of the fact that an oval face is very versatile, the best hairstyles will still be dependent on whether the face is a narrow oval or a wide oval.

With a narrow oval face shape, the hair will look more attractive if there are loose curls or waves. With a wider oval face, curls at the side of the face should be avoided, but they can be used either at the top of the head or below the level of the chin.

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