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Throughout the last ten years, sharing content on social media channels has significantly helped people grow their following. At Evergreen Beauty College, students are turning to each other for collaboration and spreading the word about one another’s talents by showcasing hair and makeup and tagging each other on Instagram.

To help refine your social content and learn how to expand your audience on social networks, you’ll need a little help from your friends.

How to approach growing your brand on Instagram

First, create a business account where you can unleash your creative work through social media content. Sharing images with followers and being consistent with social media activity will help grow your following organically. Don’t limit your posts to the grid. Post on Instagram stories, too.

If there’s a classmate who fuels your creative energy, approach them and ask them if they’d like to brainstorm social media post ideas with you. You can create campaigns, plan social media takeovers––where your collaborator takes over your Instagram page for a designated amount of time, or schedule live recordings. The creative infusion of two or more people can often generate fun and inventive results.

There are many ways to collaborate, and partnering with someone as passionate as you are can help grow your following. Most social media influencers have a big following because they’ve worked with other creatives and brands.

What makes a social media influencer is someone with a hefty following who, in many ways, is a tastemaker online. Only some become influencers, but you can make an impression on those who follow your work by collaborating with business owners, current students and tagging their products and labor. Many businesses are willing to repost your content.

For example, suppose you’re an aspiring hair stylist, and you’ve just created a hairstyle on a student or client worth posting online. If the client had their makeup done by a fellow cosmetology student, you can credit the makeup artist by tagging them in the post and the comments. Sharing on all social channels will expand your reach to different audiences with different demographics.

Engage with your followers

The best time to grow a network of people who will support you through your journey is in beauty school. Learning in the classroom can be a bonding experience and a great opportunity to develop partnerships with fellow students. At Evergreen Beauty College, students will get hands-on training on real clients at the student-operated campus salon.

While training at the campus salon, students will have plenty of time to practice their skills with each other. This is a good time to document the work and tag one another. Start spreading the word about your professional pursuits and team up with your peers through social media marketing.

Tag your friends and fellow beauty professionals

Most of the work in your portfolio will stem from students and friends you practiced on, whether you specialize in hair, makeup, brows, or nails. Share your portfolio online and tag your friends and classmates. Sharing online is a powerful tool. Learn how to use enhanced tags when crediting work.

It shows people you’re passionate about what you do, and people are drawn to other people’s passions. Sharing your work also can generate leads. When you tag friends, clients, and products in your post, the person or brand you tagged will reshare your content, widening your reach.

Highlight your signature style

Now that you understand the importance of collaboration, tagging, and reposting, start analyzing your work. Have you developed your voice yet in your art? One of the biggest advantages of being in school is having resources, students, and instructors to support you and give you feedback. If you’re trying out new styles or methods, ask for a critique from your instructors, and bounce ideas off other students. Being a student is the best time to be bold and experiment with styles until you find your own style.

Once you’ve graduated, your style will evolve, which is a good sign. It means you’re growing. People will start recognizing your style as you capture and share your work online. Your recognizable style will attract more followers you can convert into clients.

Share the work of people who influence you

Many people define creative and good work differently. Viewing any cosmetic art and design, whether nail art or hairstyles, is subjective. Having different tastes is a good thing. It promotes variety, and it’s what makes our world in beauty go round. If you find someone whose work you appreciate or inspires you, engage with their posts, reshare them, and respond to their DMs. This is an essential and highly effective way of networking online and potentially creating the beginning of a future collaboration. It’s also a generous and engaging way to be online and off.

Influencers who help each other

Here’s a fantastic example of two beauty professionals who work together to increase their visibility online and credit their work. A makeup artist credits the hair stylist, and the hair stylist credits the makeup artist whenever they collaborate on an entire look.


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About Evergreen Beauty College

At Evergreen Beauty College, our founders and instructors have created an atmosphere of support and guidance where we encourage students to ask questions and express themselves creatively. Building a community takes trust and a generous amount of brainstorming to create a hit in the classroom. Read about one of our student’s experiences at Evergreen working alongside other students.

If you want to learn to work independently but like to learn with others and grow in a positive and creative environment, you’re a good match with Evergreen Beauty College. Schedule a tour to see our campus and speak with our instructors and students.

FAQ: Collaborating on Social Media Platforms

What is an example of collaboration online?

Social media takeovers, tagging, and reposting with intention are forms of online collaboration. Brainstorm with a friend. First, determine why the collaboration will be meaningful, the most beneficial method, and how it will help each person. Once you figure out those details, the fun part is creative brainstorming.

What is the importance of media collaboration?

Social media collaborations provide excellent chances for your followers to gain insights on fun and captivating content that inspires you and how working with someone might enhance your qualities. They also build a supportive network.

What are the advantages of collaborating on social media?

Collaborating can increase your visibility and reach a bigger audience for you and your partner. By sharing each other’s content or doing takeovers, you are trying new things and inviting more views.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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