Creating a Smart and Stylish Slick Back

The slick back look is certainly stylish but do you know how to slick back men’s hair? Fashion trends change like the wind and the slicked back quiff that was so popular during the 1950s is now back with a bang. New vintage is growing increasingly popular and that unmistakable hairstyle that was all the rage over sixty years ago is now being sported by the celebs

What to Consider

  • Consider your hair texture. If you have fine hair then you can use hair gel, if your hair is thick then you might need to use pomade. Men with coarse hair will probably need to use hair wax.
  • Which type of slick back hairstyle do you prefer? Do you favor the slicked back undercut, the men’s quiff, the modern man’s pompadour or the rockabilly hairstyle?
  • Is your hair the right length to slick back, do you need to have the sides trimmed or do you intend to slick back your long hair?

Wet look slick back suits some men but its far better to use a styling product that doesn’t make your hair look like an oil slick. It’s quite easy to create a smart slicked back hairdo that doesn’t look shiny or greasy. The next job on your agenda is to make sure that you have the right type of hairbrush, comb and styling product.

How to Create a Stylish Slick Back

  • Choose a fine toothed comb — a wide toothed comb will make tramlines in your slicked back hair
  • Use a large paddle brush to smooth your hair back — the fine bristles keep the hair smooth
  • The slick back is one of the easier men’s hairstyles to achieve if you use the right hair care products
  • Good hair care products include Murray’s beeswax and pomade, Royal Crown pomade and Layrite

A slick back that has plenty of height on the forehead makes a great fashion statement. Brush your hair to the back of your head. Use the fine toothed comb to sweep the sides into place. Rub in some of your favorite styling product. Switch the hairdryer on. Comb your hair and lift it with the warm air from the dryer. The styling product will help to hold the slick in place. Comb the slick back once more. Spray your hair with a little serum to ensure that it stays in place.

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Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

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