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Designing a stunning salon creates beautiful experiences for clients and for the people who work in the salon. If the atmosphere feels serene, inviting, and comfortable, that leaves lasting impressions on clients. Many salons have a similar environment with big windows allowing natural light and a waiting area near the entrance. Integrate design that highlights and elevates the natural traits of the salon.

A tricked-out space or even a tiny corner of a well-lit room is essential for documenting your work. It also invites your customers to snap photos of their hairstyles and tag the hairstylist. Achieving a photographable space can be as simple as decorating one wall with a bold splash of paint. Designing a room with a predetermined style takes some planning and doesn’t necessarily require a sizable budget.

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Add a Fresh Green Salon Selfie Wall

Adding a green, textured wall, like faux or real plants, feels tactile, biophilic, and refreshing. It’s also a clean and interesting-looking backdrop to photograph your work in front of and can feel transportive. Installing the wall at the entrance will add instant curb appeal.

Integrating other elements that work with the design, especially big statement pieces like a tropical green wall, is essential. If a tropical green wall is outside your entrance, an easy solution to tie in the design is to have tropical plants inside the space. It’s almost effortless for a designer to pull off a nature-theme salon that feels light and airy as long as enough natural light enters the area.

Combining green with either white walls or a light complementary pink will help the green of the plants pop. Uniformity in design, like the use of a monochromatic wall space, can be interesting and alluring to potential clients seeing the room on social media.

Hair Xtreme salon’s official salon selfie wall is covered in green leaves, and virtually every shot on their social media account presents a fresh cut and styled wavy and cascading tresses in front of the wall with natural lighting.

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Add a Floral and Feminine Backdrop

Accessorizing the wall with larger-than-life faux pastel flowers is eye-catching—as long as plenty of natural light creates a flattering and photographable space. Many beauty salons and businesses limit their interior design to selfie stations specifically for social media channels. The beauty boutique, Whitby, has a frilly and floral studio wall decor that provides optimal lighting for snapping a photo of a fresh-cut product, and more.

A salon selfie station is becoming ubiquitous in many hospitality and service industries. Think beyond just an accent wall and consider how the whole space will work fluidly and cohesively together—scale matters. If you’re using big floral decor on one wall, offset the design with a smaller scale, minimalistic wall decor in other places.

Designing With the Brand in Mind

Beauty salons or barber shops with a strong brand identity and conceptual branding theme provide clearer insight into decorating the space. For instance, if you own a barber shop that has embraced a mid-century modern atomic age vibe, you could adorn the walls with colorful ceramic, stylized tile.

Olive and June originated in Los Angeles. Their salon and nail studio wall was contemporary, clean, and airy, with lots of light. Now they feature manis from around the world on their social media, showcasing their Polish collection. They started their business with a strong brand identity that appealed to a wide-reaching audience which is why their brand is so recognizable.

In this photo, they share a charcoal matte manicure juxtaposed with a vibrant green and olive color palette on subway tiles. It’s a stunning shot for social media sharing, and the tile doesn’t detract from the nail polish. The tile is beautiful throughout the space, and you probably don’t need a photo booth.


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Whether you’re creating an art-filled beautiful salon space complete with neon signs and vintage treasures, or your ambition is to have a knock-out wall mural, consider your branding and how it will work with selfie wall ideas.

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FAQs About Creating an Eye-catching Salon Space

What if I don’t have a lot of natural light entering my salon space?

People look the most flattering when illuminated by light. Invest in a ring light to document your work, or take your client outside. A brick wall can be aesthetically pleasing, too!

Where do I look for inspiration to create an Instagram-worthy space?

Don’t overthink it. Most times, a splash of fresh paint on a well-lit wall will do the trick! Plus it’s a budget-friendly solution.

Do estheticians need to have a space to document their work in the salon?

With any type of beauty business, it’s essential to consider interior design to help your clients feel welcomed and comfortable. As long as you have good lighting and a background that doesn’t distract from the finished service you’re photographing, that should certainly suffice!

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Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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