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Hair Design VS Barber School

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What’s The Difference Between Hair Design and Barber School?

Working in the beauty industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and with new beauty techniques and trends emerging every year, there is always room for a fresh perspective from new professionals. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you may be wondering about the difference between hair design school and barber school. Hair design and barbering are both rapidly growing professions perfect for creative and business-minded individuals who dream of diving into a career they love or one day owning their own salon or barber shop. Believe it or not, with the right beauty school program and opportunities for practical training, you could become a licensed barber or hair stylist in as little as one year. Contact Evergreen Beauty College today for more information about our nationally accredited college, our flexible scheduling, and the variety of beauty school programs we offer students.

Hair Design School vs. Barber School

Both barbers and hair stylists provide services geared toward cutting and styling hair to help customers achieve the look they want. The professions are similar in many ways, but there are some important distinctions between the two as well, including the type of services hair stylists and barbers provide, their typical clientele, the styling tools they use on a regular basis, and the education they receive. At the end of the day, the biggest difference is a Hair Designer can also do chemical hair applications such as hair color & perms and a barber cannot.

What Do Hair Stylists Do?

Hair stylists typically offer a variety of hair services depending on where they work and the licenses they hold. Most hair stylists will shampoo, cut, color and style hair, usually for female customers, although many hair stylists also have regular male customers. Some may also do bridal hair, style updos for wedding parties, apply hair extensions, and offer other types of hair services. The most successful hair stylists will work closely with customers to determine the best cut or color for their face shape or complexion and give them tips for maintaining a healthy scalp and keeping their hair looking great between visits. As far as education goes, our hair design program at Evergreen Beauty College focuses on haircutting, hairstyling, coloring, chemical treatments and blowouts, as well as barbering, beard design and trimming for male customers.

What do Barbers Do?

Barbers are similar to hair stylists in that their services typically include shampooing, trimming, cutting and styling hair, but mainly for male customers. Because of this, barbers tend to work with electric trimmers, straight razors and other tools usually reserved for men’s hair, more so than hair stylists, who may be more familiar with traditional women’s hair tools, such as flat irons and curlers. Some barbers are also licensed to provide other facial shaving and beard trimming services and other hair and beard services for men. Barbering hopefuls who enroll in our barber school at Evergreen Beauty College will learn the art of cutting, beard design, straight razor shaves and more.

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Finding a Hair Design or Barber School Near Me

The fastest way to become a hair stylist or barber is to enroll in a nationally accredited hair design school or barber school. At Evergreen Beauty College, we offer comprehensive hair design and barbering programs, both of which will help you lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career as a professional hair stylist or barber. Search “hair design school near me” or “barber school near me” to learn more about the hair design and barbering courses we offer and let us help you find a scheduling option that suits your needs.

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