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Evergreen Beauty College Orientation Video

Message from Frank Trieu (Director of Education)

Hello my name is Frank Trieu, I am the Director of Education here at Evergreen Beauty College and I want to thank you for choosing our school to be able to start your new career.  It is both an honour and a please to be able to start this with you, and I wish the best of luck on the road ahead.

Evergreen is known at the Business School of Beauty, and we’re here to empower you to build your skill set and build your life holistically.  We’ll train you on not only the technical skills, but also on the business skills as well.  And we want you to be able to succeed not only for yourself, but also for your friends, your family, and all those that depend on you.  But remember what you choose to be able to do is going to give you the results.  If you put in 150% percent, you’ll get 150% percent out.  If you put in about 80% percent, you’ll get about 30% out, so it’s really up to you.

We have graduates that have done amazing things.  Over 200 salons, shops, and spas in the Seattle area are opened up by Evergreen graduates.  But we also have other people, never graduated and six months later they are doing something entirely different.  Why is that?  What is it that some people are able to succeed so quickly and other people that have the same tools, the same education, are not achieving the results that they want?  The reason why, is because of what they choose to put into it.

Before you start your day I wanted to share with you a little about the Evergreen story.  What the Evergreen story is, is that it’s about our founder; it’s about my mother.  She came to this country, in 1975 and she was a teacher in her home country, and when she came here she wanted to be a teacher but she couldn’t teach because of her English.  And so, she decided to go to cosmetology school.  I remember when she was in cosmetology school it was really difficult because she couldn’t speak the language, and she just sat there and she learnt as much as she could.  After she graduated she ended up going to find work, and this is back in the early ’80 where it was really difficult for refuges to be able to find jobs.  So my Dad turned to her and said, “Well Thi is nobody is going to hire us then let’s hire ourselves.”  And so, it was at that moment that my parents decided to be entrepreneurs.

They opened up their own shop and it was difficult when they opened it up, because just like anything the first two years are very very hard.  So what my parents would do is they would clean offices, they would clean restaurants, and even when we were younger I remember sleeping in the booths at the buffet, while my parents would clean it.  But, you know, their business started to grow and they found another place to clean it was a beauty school it was out in Lynnwood.  The owner asked my Dad, “How big is your cleaning company?”  My totally exaggerated and what he said was, “Oh there’s five of us; five partners in the business.”  It was him, my Mom, and us three kids.  What ended up happening was, he was able to clean that school and the business slowly started building up, and one salon ended up becoming two salons, and in 1996 my Mom turned to my Dad and said, “You know what, I really want to go back to teaching.”  And so my Dad said, “Why don’t you teach what you love?  Teach cutting hair.” 

So she found a beauty school out in Lynnwood that had an instructor training program and when she graduated the owner turned to her and said, “You know what Phi, I’ve been wanting to retire for a long time.  Would you and your family be interested in taking over the school?”  And at that moment my Mom remembered back to that beauty school that we used to clean and that beauty school was called Evergreen.  So now the school that we now own is the school that we used to clean.

And so today you will be sharing your stories about what brought you here, but what’s really important is what’s the story you’re about to write.  And so, I think you for allowing us to participate in this upcoming career.  We want to give you the tools and we have very high expectations of you.  But I will promise you, that we have even higher expectations of ourselves.  So go out there, grow, build your skill, build yourself holistically, and achieve these dreams.  It’s not about the story that you brought today, but it’s about the story that you’re about to write from this day forward.  Thank you very much.  I look forward to meeting every single one of you and good luck.  Bye-Bye

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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Dat & Canada Card Processing
Dat & Canada Card Processing
12 years ago

Wow want an amazing story. I am a success story junkie and love reading about stories like this. I am in different industry, but I think success is determined by those who never give up and have deep desire to succeed like your parents. Wow from not speaking the language to building empire in the beauty education industry. Good on your parents!