The Evergreen Student Guide to Rock Renton Washington

Whether you’re a native to Renton or someone who has moved nearby from out of town, there are many reasons to be excited about attending Evergreen here! Renton is a fantastic city nestled in the middle of so many beautiful and thrilling things, and we’re excited to share them with you. We’re thrilled for you to call it your new home! If you want to see some pictures of our Renton campus, check out the Renton campus page on our website!

Renton’s Local Scene

Renton itself has plenty of neat things to do. Most people like Renton because it’s a quieter suburb away from the bustle of downtown Seattle, but it still has a lot of charm. Renton is bordered on the northwest side by Lake Washington, which has many parks alongside it. The Gene Coulon Memorial Memorial Beach Park is definitely the best one to visit, and is listed on TripAdvisor as #2 in their list of top things to visit in Renton. The only thing ranked higher is the Jimi Hendrix grave site!

The Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC) is another feature that makes Renton truly unique! It’s the second-largest NFL facility in the country, and is a practice field for the Seattle Seahawks. The facility is open to the public to come and watch them practice, so if you consider yourself one of the 12s then this is the place for you! It’s not uncommon for our students to spot Seahawks players around the city, which is just another reason why Renton is so awesome!

The Emerald City

Renton has many transportation options that can take you to downtown Seattle, only a few short miles away! Seattle is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, and is a popular tourist destination for a host of reasons. Here are some of our favorites:

The Space Needle

Seattle’s most iconic location, the Space Needle draws millions of visitors every year! You can ride the elevator to the top to the observation deck if you just want to get the breathtaking view of the city and Mount Rainier in the distance. Alternatively, you can enjoy a meal in the high-end restaurant at the top! The restaurant rotates 360 degrees so you can see the entire surrounding landscape over the course of a fantastic meal!

The Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is a large multi-purpose venue that has a food court, concert space, and many other amenities. What it’s most well-known for is the large park outside with the Seattle Center fountain. Parades, parties, and concerts all grace the park grounds year-round. It’s a fantastic place to visit even on a lazy afternoon! The Seattle Center is also close to other interesting locations, such as the Pacific Science Center, Key Arena, the Space Needle, and much more!

The Great Outdoors

Washington is packed with outdoor activities for anyone to enjoy. Whether you like hiking, swimming, biking, sight-seeing, or bird watching, there are plenty of adventures to go on! No matter what kind of adventures you like, there’s surely something right for everyone.


Ferries are one of the most unique things about Washington. From Seattle you can hop on any one of half a dozen ferries out of Seattle or others in the surrounding area to take you all over the coast! If you want to get away to a quiet island outside of the city noise then there’s a ferry to take you there! They are cheap, you can drive your car on them, and if you’re lucky you can even see killer whales in the Puget Sound!

The Cascades

One of the largest and most lush mountain ranges in the country, the Cascade Mountain Range extends all the way from Canada down to northern California. These mountains are full of beauty and adventure! Not only that, but the perennial snowcaps create waterfalls that can be hiked and explored all year long.

In fact there’s so much glacial runoff that it creates rivers large enough to power hydroelectric dams which are used to power the entire state!

The Puget Sound

The Puget Sound is the second largest estuary in the entire country. It’s a large inlet where the ocean flows around the Olympic Peninsula, and is home to all manner of fascinating wild animals and sea creatures. The sound is easily accessible through dozens upon dozens of public parks. These parks are excellent for riding bikes, bird watching, or even fishing where permitted. No matter what you love to do, you’ll never have a shortage of adventures to go on!

Share With Us!

For those of you who are native to the area, what would you most recommend to someone else who has never been here before? If you’re moving here from out of town or out of state, what are you most excited to experience? What are you nervous about? Reach out to us on Facebook with your ideas and questions!

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