How to Conceal Cold Sores

Cold sores are quite common and attack when the immune system has been compromised. If you are feeling under the weather or feel a cold coming on, it’s not uncommon for one to break through the skin.

How to Conceal Cold Sores

The uncomfortable feeling of suffering from cold sores is only multiplied by the embarrassment that comes from a cold sore around the lips.

Use Concealer to Disguise the Cold Sore

Using cosmetics that are designed to cover imperfections on the skin can help to cover the appearance of the cold sore — but you need to time it right. Concealer should not be applied to cold stores that are in their beginning stages and oozing mucous as it can cause the cold sore to spread around the area of the mouth but also can make the cold sore difficult to conceal.

When covering the cold sore in the later stages, a little make-up goes a long way. A tiny pin-size dot of the concealer should do the trick. Cream-based, rather than liquid concealer is going to be more effective at hiding the sore and it’s important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Remember, cold sores are very contagious and you can spread the sore to other areas of the mouth quite easily. Use disposable make-up sponges when applying concealer, rather than the applicators that come with the cosmetics. Clean all brushes and wash your hands after applying the make-up to avoid further contamination.

Dab the make-up on gently and finish the application with powder to set the application and reduce the overall appearance. Redness around the area is best treated with a yellow based concealer and finished with a shade that matches the skin tone around the mouth.

Use Medications to Avoid the Cold Sore Outbreak

Before the cold sore breaks through the skin there is that telltale tingle and itch that alerts you to the fact that a cold sore may be coming on. Using high doses of antiviral medication can help to treat the virus causing the cold sore and allow the cold sore to heal before breaking through the skin.

Learning about the early warning symptoms that come with cold sores and having medication on hand can help to greatly reduce the amount of time you suffer from the cold sore. In addition to medication that is taken early on, when the signs are first noticed, there are topical medications that can be applied to the skin.

Prescription grade topical medication is an effective way to speed up the healing time — reducing the time that you are going to have conceal the cold sore. If you would like to learn more on how to conceal cold soars using makeup, you should consider enrolling in one of our beauty courses at Evergreen Beauty School.

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11 years ago

Ive been getting cold sores most of my life. I learned the differences between a few products. I ended up ordering the abreva. It really helps with the healing time,