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Have you ever watched an artist at work? Their steady concentration, proficient techniques, and command over their tools are inspiring and mesmerizing. The images we post on social media chronicle styles and trends. It’s a good idea to post all of your best work, both completed and works in progress, to keep your followers engaged.

As a stylist, esthetician, and makeup artist, you have access to the best products and insider tips, so you have content to share with your followers that they would be interested in learning. Plus, your followers will think of you as the source to watch for any of the latest trends, skincare tips, and makeup tricks.

If you’re unsure where to begin, then try listing all the essential beauty routines you incorporate into your schedule. Is there any rhyme or reason you may double cleanse your face with a benzoyl peroxide first and a gentler cleanser second? Or where to find the best smudge-proof mascara and the most effective way to apply it? Once you’ve formulated a list, you can begin checking the boxes and making process videos to share.

How to Show Your Process

Before social media, showing your process usually occurred in cosmetology school while working under an apprentice. Nowadays, a step-by-step tutorial or story of how to achieve highlights, evening makeup, curtain bangs, or even the before-and-after facial results is prevalent online.

Take Vogue’s Beauty Secrets, for example; their channel features celebrities and beauty experts dishing on their favorite beauty products, morning and evening routines, and makeup tutorials. In each beauty secrets video, you see the process of virtually anything, from which products to apply first and which skincare index ingredient might help combat specific skin problems, like acne or dark spots.

Here are a few examples of how makeup artists and influencers showcase their process. 

In this video, Billie Eilish takes us through her post-show bedtime routine, starting with a foam cleanser and following a hydrating toner. 


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Una publicación compartida de Vogue Beauty (@voguebeauty)

Attribution: @Voguebeauty

Makeup artist, Lottie, applies a red lip on fair-skinned, bright-eyed actress Alexandra Daddario in this timelapse video. She starts with a red lip liner, then paints the lip filling it in using an angled lip brush. 

Attribution: @alexandradaddario

Model @sarahhh.a.o applies lip liner and a matte lipstick by rare beauty in this short and sweet video. 

Attribution: @rarebeauty

There are many ways you can show your process. Making a more candid video can be engaging and feel natural and a bit less scripted because you are speaking to the viewer in a way that feels unedited. Most stylists and makeup artists will share the products they are using and break down the techniques and applications while demonstrating. You can opt for a timelapse and list the products you use in the caption. There’s always the more stylized route where you edit in a different angle and add music and graphic captions to your video. Reels are now a big part of Instagram and have built-in functions for editing so that you don’t have to edit the video. As a bonus, reels are currently favored on Instagram algorithms. 

Before you make your video, ask yourself what you want to achieve and what most interests your followers:

  • Teach your followers how to achieve a particular look?
  • Share products you are promoting?
  • Promote your new salon?
  • Start a new trend? 

Once you have a list of ideas and have sorted out your goals, you can start creating! 

Have you considered a career in cosmetology? Do you love skincare and want to deepen your understanding and study esthetics? Request more information today from Evergreen Beauty College, and one of our supportive staff members will be in touch.




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Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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