How to Get Big Bold Celeb Worthy Brows

thick eyebrowsMany women dream of having red-carpet worthy brows like the ones sported by celebrities. Eyebrows can totally change the look of your face, giving you a finished and glam look. By following a few tips, you too can have big, bold celeb worthy brows.

The Most Common Brow Shapes

The first step in getting beautiful brows is to determine the shape of your face. Different brow designs look different depending on the size of your facial features.

  • The soft slope looks great on oval faces. This shape is created by a gentle curve at the top, then slightly rounded at the tip.
  • Rounded brows look best on heart-shaped faces. The curvier brow accentuates the heart shape and gives you a soft, feminine look.
  • Sharply arched brows make faces look less round.

    Go for vertical, squared off brows to make your face look slim. Avoid rounded arches which will only make your face look rounder.

  • Soften the face with an angled or rounded brow.
  • Curvy brows make your face look less wide. Many celebs with diamond shaped faces go for soft curved eyebrows.
  • If your face is long and slender, go for a flat brow. The horizontal shape will make your face appear shorter than it is.

Best Brow Techniques

There are many ways to shape and mold your brows. Many women seek out professionals to get their brows to precise perfection. However, there are those who learn the techniques to get salon quality brows at home.

Tweezing: This is the most commonly used technique, and can allow you to shape up thick eyebrows and keep them touched up between salon appointments. Tweezing cleans up stray hairs and prevents the growth of a unibrow.

Waxing: Use hot wax to remove the excess hair from your face. With a quick pull of the wax, you can remove unsightly growth and enjoy a finished and polished look. Waxing is best for thick eyebrows or those that are too thin for tweezing.

Threading: This ancient technique is popular with celebrities. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, leaving you with longer lasting results. In many cases, threaded brows can last up to three weeks without touchups.

Tips for Thicker Brows

  • Skip a few touch ups to give your brow artist more hair to work with.
  • Avoid plucking and tweezing them between salon visits.
  • Fill them in with powder or pencil to create the appearance of thicker brows.
  • Add in a little coconut oil or vitamin E oil before bed to encourage hair growth.

Trimming your brows with a razor blade will give you a dramatic and clean look. While this technique doesn’t last as long as waxing and threading, razor trimming can allow you more flexibility in the shape of your brows. You can play around with different shapes with a razor.

If you want to rock thick eyebrows, you will be in good company. Stars like Emma Watson, Brook Shields and Sophia Vegara all step out with stunning, thick brows. Even iconic legend Audrey Hepburn knew the power of thick, lush and dramatic eyebrows.

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