How to Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin


Foundations vary a lot in terms of the amount of coverage they provide and the amount of moisturizers and emollients they contain. Some foundations dry to a very matte finish that is ideal for younger people with very oily skin. Foundations made for dry skin will contain more emollients but they will not last as long after they are applied. Foundations for dry skin will advertise that they are hydrating or moisturizing.

Choose the Right Shade

Choosing the proper color of foundation is confusing to many women. The reason is because most women have not been trained to see the subtle differences in the colors of foundations. Some foundations have a slightly cool rosy tone, while others have a slightly yellowish tone. Even though a woman may not notice a difference when the foundation is in the bottle, once she applies it to her face, the right foundation color will make her look healthy while the wrong color can make her look tired and old.

Foundations for Older Women

As women become older, they often start to wear increasingly thick foundation when they should actually be doing the opposite. A thick foundation will settle into the wrinkles on the face and will make the wrinkles appear more visible, and not less visible. A lighter, sheerer foundation with a lot of moisturizer will be much better for older women and create a healthy glow.

Women of Color

Women of color often find it difficult to find exactly the right shades to match their skin tone. A dark shade that looks perfect in the bottle can sometimes end up looking ashen when it is applied to the skin. Women of color may need to experiment with different brands of makeup to find a foundation that looks attractive on their skin.

Test it First

In order to make the best choice of foundation, it is helpful to test it on your skin before you make a purchase. This will keep you from choosing a foundation that is the wrong shade for your skin, or that is too oily or too matte. It is better to test foundation on your jaw area rather than on the back of your hand. If you are unable to decide on the right foundation for you, ask a trained cosmetician to help you make the right choice.

Cosmetology School

If you enjoy learning about beauty and skin care, you should consider a career in cosmetology. A reputable cosmetology school can give you the foundation of knowledge and experience in beauty that is needed to forge a successful career. Contact us for more information on how you can get started today! 


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