How to Take Care of Your Dry Skin in Summer

Many people are always battling with measures to take in order to take care of dry skin in summer.  Indeed one may fail to enjoy summer due to problems caused by dry skin. People who have natural dry skin complication have their conditions made worse during summer. This is because the weather conditions experienced during the summer are known to accentuate dry skin problems. This is why it is important to know how to take care of your dry skin in summer. Some of the steps that one could take to reduce chances of having dry skin during the summer are discussed below.

Body hydration

The reason why the skin gets dry during summer is due to high levels of dehydration. The fight against dry skin should begin from the inside. It is important for one to drink lots of water during summer to counter the amount of water that is lost due to the heat. Water helps the body generate natural oil.

Keep Away From Drying Chemicals

The ultimate goal is to let your body retain as much moisture as possible. Any product that causes drying of the skin should be avoided or used minimally. For instance, swimming in chlorinated water should be limited since chlorine pools oil from skin. Rinse well after such swim and moisturize. Moisturizers with alcohol should be shunned and in their place use the ones with vitamin E.

Cover Up

The main cause of dry skin is due to exposure to the sun.  Exposure to the sun cause the skin to dry up and at times crack. One should, therefore, try and cover up his or her body most of the time. Even while at the beach, it is important that you get loose fitting garments to cover your body even while you are sun bathing.

Use of Sunscreen and Other Skin Protecting Products

The amount of sun light during summer is usually above normal. Use of sunscreen can help protect your skin from harmful sun rays. This should be done always and especially if you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors like on your garden. For the sake of your lips, you can use lip bum to prevent them from cracking.

Warm Shower Instead Of Hot Shower

In as much as you may be tempted to shower with hot water the way you are used to in winter, it may be disadvantageous in summer. During summer, your skin needs to maintain high oil levels to help in retaining moisture. Hot water washes away this natural oil leaving the skin dry.  One should, therefore, opt for warm baths that last for around five minutes.

Shave Wisely

In the event that you have to shave over summer you should do it carefully so that you do not remove natural oil on the skin. Save in the direction the hair grows. Most shaving session should be done after shower when hair is soft.

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