Prom Hairstyles Horoscope

Prom season is entering full sway! Not sure which hairstyle you want to rock this year? Our list of prom hairstyles to match your astrological sign can help you get inspiration!


If you’re an Aries, you can go for a no-nonsense updo that gives you the freedom to move and dance freely. Controlled braids or confident buns line up well with your personality.

braided updo


Taurus should go for a relaxed, comfortable, natural hairstyle to match your personality. Long feathered waves create a effortless and low-maintenance style that looks great in a prom dress!

red hair with feathered wavy hair


If you’re a Gemini, you might already have a shorter hairstyle to help your looks keep up with your busy life. Rock a simple and gorgeous pixie cut to look outstanding!


Cancers can look good in a longer hairstyle with an accent braid for added depth. This look can match your sense of presence and personability.


If you’re a Leo, bigger is always better! Large locks of curling hair are sure to catch the attention of everyone at your prom!

long curly brown hair


Consider an earthy, rustic, or natural look for for prom this year. It goes well with your roots as a practical, naturally beautiful Virgo!


Keep things simple and balanced. As a Libra, simple symmetrical braids or updos can complement your balance and control.


Scorpios are will steal the show and include everyone in their acceptance speech for prom queen, so a bold and beautiful hairstyle is a great match. You can chose vibrant colors or bouncy curls to stand out!


If you’re a Sagittarius, you might want to consider a hairstyle that is smart, practical, and flattering. Shoulder length bobs are a great way to express yourself with easy maintenance for when you go crazy on the dance floor at the same time.

bronde short hair


Capricorns should consider wearing a hairstyle that is both playful and easy to maintain. Long hair or short, pick something that will help you be yourself!


If you’re an aquarius, a personable and fun “half up half down” hairstyle might suit you perfectly. It’s both elegant and hassle-free!


Pisces should consider a hairstyle that is free and fantastic to match your creative spirit! Loose braids, buns, or anything that looks otherworldly could suit you well!

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