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There are billions of people who use social media around the world, as reported by Search Engine Journal. How we share content helps us connect with potential and existing clients, family, and friends, both new and old. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to share client and student content on social media and avoid the social media content faux pas.

Sharing content on social media platforms

As you share content and build a social media presence, you give people glimpses into your personality, skills, and interests, which is essential in developing a following and optimizing engagement. Having an online presence is critical if you’re trying to appeal to potential customers.

So, what is your line of work, and how do you attract more followers to convert into leads? If you work in the beauty industry, creating original content consistently and sharing it on your social profiles and Instagram stories is essential. To take it a step further, re-sharing client content of your work will expand your reach and potentially strengthen customer relationships. Learn more about increasing online engagement.

Here are some helpful tips for creating an online presence on social media channels:

  • Share your work and your client’s posts of your work
  • Create stunning visual content to attract business
  • Experiment with different types of content to see what followers find most engaging
  • Re-share the social media posts of people who inspire you
  • Be responsive to comments to start conversations
  • Develop a content calendar
  • Update your blog posts and share a link in your bio
  • Create educational content, like tutorials
  • If you want to reach a wider audience, use hashtags, keep your profile public, and tag brands
  • Post consistently

Sharing client content on social networks

Suppose you’re a hairstylist, and a client takes a picture of their new haircut, shares it with other social media users, and tags you in the post. That scenario is an ideal opportunity to re-share the post. It’s a testimonial to your customer’s satisfaction and a great tool for promoting your work. Re-sharing client content also reminds your followers of the services you offer.

People usually share client content to exhibit customer loyalty and raise brand awareness. Many business owners who work at salons or spas attract most of their client base by promoting their brand with social media marketing, and re-sharing your client’s post of a recent haircut or manicure is valuable content.

The best content strategy is to post consistently, re-share content, and engage with questions and comments online.

Content creators crediting and sharing online

Here’s how some content creators share client content. Holly Vatter, a hairstylist based in Los Angeles, shares a video taken by the owner at Rare Bird Salon of her doing a shag cut demonstration.


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de HOLLY VATTER (@hollygirldoeshair)

Attribution: @hollygirldoeshair

Colour Pop Cosmetics re-shared an image of blogger @keidiko for using their Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® collection.

Attribution: @colourpopcosmetics

Opi Professionals shares manicurist Analysse Hernandez’s photo of her Halloween-inspired nail art.

Attribution: @opi_professionals

What’s the protocol for sharing client content on social media?

If a customer tags you in a post or story on Instagram, it’s acceptable to re-share the content. Use caution taking screenshots or posting photos you took that were not shared on social media by the client. If a client’s personal information is displayed in the photo or the client’s child is visible, ask for consent before posting.

It’s best to always get consent from the customer before sharing on social media channels. If you post images that belong to other content creators, always credit the work and try to avoid altering the image from the original.

How social media offers ways to connect

There are many images emerging from the reservoir of our brain every day. These images stem from memories, video content we saw that left a lasting impression, or even promotional posts that resonated. In addition to social media shares, to retain your ideal client, it’s essential to make meaningful connections online. A meaningful connection is infrequently made through liking a bunch of random posts.

To create a memorable presence online and build a loyal following, you have to put the social back into social media by engaging with intention, starting conversations, and revealing fun and relevant details about yourself or your work.

Here are different social platforms you can build a network on:


Instagram is ideal for sharing visual content.


Facebook has evolved into an online venue for connecting with family and friends and also allows the cross-sharing of posts from Instagram.


TikTok reaches a wide audience, boasting beauty content, dance videos, lawyering advice, and more. It’s a popular online venue for redistributing content.

X, formerly Twitter

X, formerly Twitter, has a 280-character limit that is less visual and more conversational.

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FAQ: Sharing client content on social media

What to avoid when sharing content on social media?

Avoid sharing your client’s photos without getting consent. If there’s personal information included in the photo, like a license plate, address, or the client’s child, avoid posting unless you have consent.

When you share content that wasn’t created by you, always credit the author.

How do you share content with clients?

Whether you are sharing your photos or client photos, you can tag the client in the post. Learn how to share a story privately on Instagram.

How do you share links with clients?

On Instagram, you can add links to your stories with the link sticker by uploading the content, selecting the sticker tool from the navigation bar, placing the sticker in your story, and including the URL.

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