Student Run Fashion Show – Glam and Glow!

glam and glow 2Sunday, March 29th, at Evergreen Beauty College’s Everett campus, students from both the Everett and Bellevue campuses put on yet another amazing fashion show! This show was organized and directed by Cosmetology educator, Kylie Harris, with additional help from two other educators, Jenevieve Pavlov and Mimi Beltran-Hanson.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the show, but from the looks of it, the students’ creativity came out in a huge way and looked like everyone was having a blast! Coming from an Admissions Counselor prospective, I love being able to watch how much the students grow from when they first come in interested in attending school, to witnessing their creativity being displayed in such an awesome way.
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Ms. Jenevieve Pavlov, who helped out the day of the show said, “We had a big group of volunteers that dedicated their time to help with the set up of the run way, blacking out the windows, hanging glow sticks from the ceiling the whole length of the run way, etc. It was really awesome how well everything came together, I was truly blown away at how Kylie’s vision came to life.
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I cannot wait to see what the creative minds at Evergreen have in store for the next fashion show! glam and glow 3 glam and glow 4  neonlights glam and glow 6 glam and glow 5

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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