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Tips for Freelance Makeup Artists

For people looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career, or simply a part-time job where they can make some extra money, becoming a freelance makeup artist can be a great option. Freelance makeup artists tend to make a good amount of extra money, get to work their own hours, and normally really enjoy their jobs.  While it can be a great career, becoming a freelance makeup artist does require several things. There are several things that all people should know prior to starting a career as a freelance makeup artist, to ensure that they are successful.


In order to become a freelance makeup artist the first thing that you will need is to complete a makeup program in a beauty school and become licensed in the state where you will operate. While it may not necessarily be a requirement in order to get a few clients if you really want to grow your business and be successful, you will ultimately need to have any license that is required. If you do not have a license most clients will prefer to go to another certified makeup artist. Getting a license will require you to spend at least a couple years in school and pass the certification program.


In order to be successful as a makeup artist, you must be really good at marketing. In order to grow a business, you will have to go out and find your own clients. Most of them will not necessarily come to you via few word-of-mouth. Instead you will have to post advertisements either in local newspapers or magazines, or you may even have to advertise online. Another good option would be to have your own website where customers can read more about your services, book visitations online, and even give you positive referrals. You should also have your friends and family refer your business to other people that they know, which will further help you grow.

Inventory and Equipment

When starting as a freelance makeup artist, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will need to purchase a lot inventory and equipment. While it may not be as much money as compared to other businesses, starting a small freelance makeup business will require you to purchase a lot of makeup to use on clients, samples to give to the clients, and equipment that you will need to perform your services. Since this can be kind of expensive upfront, a good idea would be to look at getting a small business loan from a local bank. Most banks will be willing to give these loans as long as you’re willing to personally guarantee the loan.

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