Top 5 Celebrity Hair Styles


celebrity hair stylesWhether you have done your hair into a thousand different styles and want something now or whether you have a classic look that needs a few tweaks, switching up with celebrity hair styles can be just the key for you to look and feel better about your image.  A few popular does can be great for you.

The Pixie Celebrity Hair Styles

For those ladies who want to take it very short, the pixie cut is one of the biggest change to make to your style.  If you do not have the guts for it, choose a more conservative cut.  For those that do have the fortitude, however, you can look like Halle Berry or Emma Watson with a small weave, with slightly longer hair on the sides and cheeks.

The Bob Style

Dianna Agron of Glee claims that she utilized a bob cut in order to scratch her seven-year itch, since she has had a haircut consistently for a longer time.  Other celebs who use a bob cut include Victoria Beckham (better known as Posh Spice) and Jessica Alba.  This cut requires a bit of teasing in order to get edges as well as straight lines.

Side Braids

Blake Lively from Gossip Girls likes pulling her hair off to the side in order to get a flowing look from hair that tends to be much fussier than usual.  She wears braids like they were extensions of her hair, sometimes beneath the ear.  Since this look can complement many hair types and facial structures, it is easy for many ladies to pull it off, so long as the braid does not begin too low on the face.


A classic look for many woman, the ponytail may not be a revelation but there are several different ways to approach this look.  Lea Michele uses a ponytail with a braid of hair in order to keep all of her locks out of her face.  Olivia Palermo, on the other hand, has a very tightly wound braid that will pull back on the skin.  If you need tips about what hairstyle is best, you can use our information to adjust your hair looks for a better image.

Part on The Side

Anyone who has watched Friends in the past two decades knows that Jennifer Aniston tends to be a trend-setter.  Since her hair can do about anything, her simplistic side part has become a popular choice for its ease of use.  The side part is easier to maintain with medium-length hair and layers, in addition to longer bangs.  The good news is that it can be done with any hair style without a whole bunch of fuss, making it one of the celebrity hair styles any woman can emulate.

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10 years ago

I remember when I was much younger (grade school age) The Bob Style was really popular. Several females that I went to school with were cutting their hair in a bob. Then, for what ever reason, it went out of style (if you will) for several years. Nowadays it appears to have made a comeback. It’s funny how certain styles sort of come and go over time.

Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell
10 years ago

I have seen a few celebrities sporting the french plait recently. It looks very sleek and stylish, however I have never been able to master it. Is there a trick to getting it right? I would love to see a how to on french plaits here!