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Using hashtags on Instagram is a two-way street; if you want people to find your post, then you can use hashtags to enhance exposure, and if you would like to find specific content, then you can tap Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, or Places. In 2017, Instagram included a function where if you searched for a hashtag, you could opt to follow the hashtag so that the most liked and viewed photos would appear in your feed. This function is beneficial if you want content brought to you without having to fall through the blackhole of hashtags. 

There’s no wrong way to use hashtags, but there are certainly more effective ways to use them, particularly if you want to attract a broad audience. 

Amid a sea of hashtags, composing a hashtag that is relevant to your post is a great start. Pick a hashtag that is pertinent to your post. The shorter hashtags are aesthetically more visually pleasing and easy to read. Including a lengthier hashtag, like #losangelesmakeupartist, though long, is acceptable. Your followers are most focused on your image, video, and caption than your hashtags. The hashtag’s purpose is really to help other people find your post. 

Using a hashtag that uses geo-targeting, like #LosAngelesMakeupArtists, as opposed to just #makeupartists, can help locals find your posts. Consider proximity, specificity, and relevance when creating a hashtag. 

In the following post, The Hive Salon, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, shared a photo of a client’s freshly cut and colored hair and included a line of hashtags, including the name of their salon. Including the name of the salon in the hashtag is also a helpful way to allow future and current customers to find you. 

Attribution: @thehivesalon_stpete

The Atlanta-based Cherry Blossom Salon shared a post of a client’s balayage color with the caption, ” Brunette balayage by Kristen! Click the link in our bio to book!”

Right off the bat, you know who the stylist is and where to easily get to book an appointment with her. They also included variations of the hashtag #balayage

Attribution: @cherryblossomsalon

Tricoci Salon, located in Chicago, Shared a stunning and unique post with a client’s perfectly set hair adorned with crystals. Among the many hashtags this salon included in the post was #weddinghair–an appropriate hashtag and surefire way to bring attention to a bridal option for a dazzling wedding look. 


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de Tricoci (@tricoci_official)

Attribution: @tricoci_official

Here’s a cheat checklist of hashtags to use when promoting your salon or beauty services: 

  • #hairsalon
  • #(your business name)
  • #balayage
  • #shagcut
  • #nailart
  • #(your city)hairsalon
  • #(your city)hairsalon
  • #(your city)esthetician
  • #haircaretreatment
  • #haircareproducts
  • #lashlife
  • #weddinghair
  • #wedding
  • #promhair
  • #prom
  • #quinceanera

You get the gist! Make your hashtags as broad and as specific as you like! The important thing is you see which hashtags garner you the most exposure and approval. The world is small online, especially when you’re only a click away. Hashtags are a great tool to invite recent transplants to become new clients or locals to try out your services. 

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Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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