What Every Esthetician Should Know About Workplace Safety

It goes without saying that esthetician workplace safety is extremely important. This is true for both the client and the individual who is providing the services.

In fact, this issue is so important, it’s covered extensively as part of the training process. Even though the training differs from state to state, safety rules are basically the same.

Due diligence helps to prevent injuries and the possible spread of illness or infection. Here are some of the areas that estheticians need to pay close attention to.

Salon Equipment

Daily maintenance and cleaning of salon equipment is a must. This includes:

  • Sanitizing all tools
  • Cleaning water basins
  • Using clean robes, sheets or covers for each client
  • Keeping workstation and floor area tidy and germ-free
  • It should be noted that taking the time to clean the workstation every night, makes it much easier to stay on top of things.

Esthetician Workplace Safety and Hair Removal

Hair removal safety has to do with following proper procedural methods. Before each session begins, it’s important to explain what is going to take place. This way the client completely understands what’s going to happen and can ask questions, if necessary.

There are certain medications that may prevent an individual from getting hair removal treatments, in a safe manner. It is always the responsibility of the provider to ask questions about medication, prior to proceeding.

Makeup Application and Esthetician Workplace Safety

In regard to esthetician workplace safety, it’s imperative that the esthetician keep a close watch for infections such as pink eye. Pink eye is very contagious and spreads easily.

Cleaning or using new makeup brushes, after each session, helps to eliminate or reduce the possibility of spreading this kind of infection.

Clients visiting a salon for the first time should be mindful of the overall cleanliness of the building and individual workstations. If anything appears to be dirty or un-kept, it’s probably best to seek services elsewhere.

This is just a brief overview of esthetician workplace safety. Keeping the workplace safe might seem to be a bit daunting, at first. However, once a new esthetician gets into the routine of keeping things clean, it will quickly become first nature.

Failure to do so generally results in the loss of clients. It can even result in job loss. Once that happens, it’s much more difficult to get another job in the industry.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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